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The peace and love age is over. Gone are the days when we cared for our politicians, our celebrities or even our neighbors!

Love for sports has turned into hatred for our rivals. We don’t root for our presidential nominee, we attack the opponent’s campaign. News channels such as Fox and CNN live off feeding hatred to the audiences, dividing the population through bogus policy debates. Even music is focused on hatred now a days. “All you need is love” is the old anthem, make way for the new wave!

Let’s stop hiding behind fake smiles and courteous pats on the back. It’s time to be true to ourselves and show the world what we really think.

John Duncan, our latest Wordans t-shirt affiliate, is launching a great new site called ihateclothing.com:

“The rationale behind the concept is that love and hate are the two extremes of human nature. I heart t-shirts are some of the best selling tee shirt designs out there, we figure there are more people who want to express their hatred for something than their love for it.”

Most people can agree on their love for a cause, person or place. I love New York is a huge international seller and an easy buy, but how can you decide who to collectively hate?

Wordans and I hate clothing have partnered up, letting you create your own custom I hate clothing. Just like you can create your own I heart t shirt, you can now make I hate t-shirts.  Design your own custom t-shirts using our new I Hate designs. We already got a few orders for I hate Paris Hilton, I hate John Mc Cain, I hate Manchester United and I hate Diets.

We’ll also have a couple of pre-made t-shirt designs, with t apparel such as I hate Mc Cain or I hate Obama. Check out some of the first I hate designs exclusively form Wordans and Ihateclothing.com (coming soon).

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