Quality Always First

Would it be too much to ask for quality clothes but without the price tag?

Well, maybe there can be such a thing.

When it comes to setting up your online retail apparel, you have to be picky about the quality. The last thing we want is to have clothes that leave customers in dismay.

Which is why we take extreme care in stocking clothes that have the highest quality but still leave you with plenty of room to not go over your pesky budgets.

Production Standards:

How do you know whether the clothes you are buying are of high quality?

Well, you need to do your research. Production standards are an important part of everyone’s search list when it comes to finding the right wholesale partner to meet your quality needs. You need to know if the company are in full control of the quality from start to finish or are outsourced to reputable others.

Fruit of Loom clothing hits the nail on the head, quality clothes but rarely going over the 10 dollar mark. Using finest raw cotton and ethics to match the standard of the clothes, we are proud to stock Fruit of Loom as one of our best sellers at Wordans.

We checked to make sure the company has complete control from start to finish to ensure production (and of course ethics link to ethics post) are maintained at high standards across the board.

Try out our Fruit of Loom collection. With this amount of attention to detail, it’s no wonder these products are in high demand.

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