Save for the new school year!

Back to school definitely means tighter financial moments. With the holidays just finished, it’s time to think back about our budget and worry about back to school spending for the whole family. Also, when savings are possible, it would be a shame to miss them. Profit good deals by purchasing your school clothing in bulk!

New school year!
New school year!

Blank apparel for every tastes.

White or neon, flashy or pastel, your blank apparel can be configured any way you want, from red to yellow, from green to blue. And the entire family can wear those blank apparel customized or printed with a message. Men, women, teenagers, or younger children will find wholesale t-shirts, wholesale sweatshirts, but also short pants, gloves, and any kind of sportswear for superior comfort and quality.

With brands like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, New Balance, Bella and Canvas or Nike, just to name a few, fashion is made available to you for grouped purchases.


Blank apparel to customize for the new school year.

With such a range of brands references, you are free to choose any outfit, either for you or for your children, for a laid back weekend at home or a night out with friends in a trendy bar.

But among the purchasing possibilities you have for wholesale t-shirts you will also find sport items, whether it be for a club or for school.

The new school year being just started, teenagers and younger kids alike will be delighted to adopt a trendy look and make their friends jealous in class with customized sweatshirts and polo shirts.


So come in and buy your blank apparel in bulk! There is a huge selection of products waiting for you on our website. In just a few clicks you can fill your cart and adopt a perfect look.

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