Top 10 Halloween T-Shirts

It’s that time of the year again… Summer has passed and the cool chill of winter is heading our way! But hold on Santa Clause, it’s not your time yet! That’s right, in case you’ve all forgotten, Halloween is on its way, and you’ll need to look your best to impress the ladies!

At Wordans, we’re always ahead of the game, and we always have these great unique ideas that will just blow you away. That’s why this year we’re introducing…. Halloween T-shirts!

What? Not so impressive? Not so groundbreaking? Well, anyways, you CAN customize your own Halloween t-shirts and hoodies on, that’s pretty cool, right?

You can print a t-shirt that says I AM A WEREWOLF, or I AM A VAMPIRE, or, you know, maybe try and be a little more creative? I mean if your going to wear a custom halloween t-shirt, you might as well use a little imagination!

How about we just get to the point and let me show you our top 10 halloween t shirt designs.

So they are, the TOP 10 HALLOWEEN T-SHIRTS. Enjoy!

10 –

For all you evil girls, it’s time to reveal yourself with this Satan’s child tee shirt.

9 –

If you can’t make a box robot, wear it.


If you’re gonna be killing people, might as well let people know with a serial killer t-shirt

7 –

Just put the spinal cord on the front and back of your custom t-shirt. You’ll have a skeleton t-shirt in no time!

6 –

Mario Mushroom Halloween dude, everyone is gonna be one this halloween


This one is just wrong: zombie t-shirt

4 –

I was always scared of teddy bears, especially evil teddy bears that are alking towards me.

3 –

Classic horror movie pose, one of my favorite horror movie t-shirts

2 –

I Am Not a MurDerer, probably the least convincing t-shirt you’ll ever wear

And the winner is….

The Nerd Shirt! That’s right, make the perfect nerd costume by printing these tie and slacks t-shirt! Add glasses, a kick me sign, and you’ll be reading books in no time!

Start designing your own Halloween t-shirt

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