Top 5 ways to wear a Geek t-shirt

Fellow Brainaholics, geekwads and geek wannabes. It is time to get in touch with your inner self and start wearing some geek t-shirts.

Geek t-shirts aren’t just for anybody. You have to become the geek to wear the geek. So how do you become geek t-shirt worthy? Here’s our top 5:

1 – Start by renting sci-fi movies such as “Gort – The day the earth stood still”. It will be hard at first to comprehend this new movie genre, but just like your first steps as a child, you’ll learn to love it. After mastering the movies multiple plot lines and alien languages, move on to showing off your ultimate geek knowledge by wearing an original Gort T-shirt. This will give you ultimate geek status and may even get you laid! (parental discretion is advised)

2 – Ok, so your not a fan of Gort. It’s a bad start, but we’ll work with it! So what’s next?
Become a Pacman pro of course! Once you’ve earned a decent high score, wear your all time high score with pride on the front of your very own custom Pacman shirt (use commodore font for best results). Now your geeking with pride!

3 – Not a fan of pacman either are we… You may look like more of the nerdy geek type to me. At this point I suggest you stick with your assets and go for the nerdy geek look. Easily done! Just place the pocket design on the t-shirt of your choice and slick your hair back. With you pocket print custom t-shirts, put on a pair of square glasses and there you are, the sexiest nerdy geek on earth.

4 – If your one of those artsy geek (aka liberals), you may want to check out the Photoshop Hero t-shirt. Let the world know that your not just any kind of geek, you’re an artsy geek.

5 – The last tip I have for you today may be my favorite. Pixar is coming out with Wall-E, an animated version of Johnny 5 (If you don’t know what Johnny 5 is, go rent it). It’s time for all geeks and soon to be geeks to put this new ignorant generation in its place. Earn true geek credentials by creating your own tribute to Johnny 5 t-shirt. Let the world know geeks everywhere stand united behind Johnny 5!

If you liked this post or have any geek t-shirts you would like to submit and start selling, give me a shout by leaving a comment below or sending me an e-mail at You can also open up your own free shop and sell your designs through Wordans custom t-shirts lab.

Remember to check out our geek collection regularly for new geek designs! You can create you custom t-shirts with any of these designs or your own.

Till next time!


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