Warehouses located all across the globe, quality guaranteed

At Wordans we only have one objective: satisfy your needs wherever you are with our warehouses located across the planet. With such a presence, we can guarantee you a high quality service for your order and shipped directly to your door with express shipping.

Fast shipping
Fast shipping

Trendy items


By going on our create your own part of the website, you can choose from our vast array of renowned brands and know-how in terms of design touch-ups and screen printing.

Trust us by sending us your custom t-shirts order representing your business’s colors in order to dress your sales reps for your next convention. You can also benefit from our expertise to match your organization’s looks by dressing up your team in elegant clothing: dress shirts and pants for men, dresses and dress shirts for women.

For personal use, we propose you treat your friends or family members with an original gift. Between humorous messages and bright designs, animal totem or interesting characters, all possibilities are possible to be printed on bags, aprons, hats, t-shirts, etc.


A global presence

And to make sure that we can deliver those items in the best possible shipping delays using express shipping, we have many warehouses located across the globe. Perfectly located, they give us the possibility to prepare, package and ship your package so that you receive it and enjoy it as soon as possible. That’s a quality promise that we are more than happy to hold toward you.

With us, the long weeks awaiting your products and wondering if the package was lost are over. You will receive it in 48 hours if you are in a hurry and in 10 days if you opt for standard shipping.

Come discover the products and the create your own application for your designs that we propose.

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