Wordans offers to help you designing

Because at Wordans we believe that customer satisfaction does not stop at clear invoice, we intend to go way beyond that. That is the reason why, when you wish to create your own custom design on the products that we have to offer, we help you through the process. This help consists, at first, by fruitful advice that, if they don’t suffice, will lead to graphic retouching or even fixing meetings in order to make your project perfect.

Help with designing
Help with designing

Advice for great designs

In order to have a high quality image printed on your apron or your hat you need to have the file saved in the right format and the good dimensions. Regarding the format, you would ideally have a PNG file with a transparent background. The GIF and JPEG files are also usable, as long as they are saved in high resolution, which means between 150 and 300 ppi and have a minimum of 1.000 by 1.000 pixels. Below that threshold, your image might be pixelated.

Improving your images

Wordans goes beyond a couple of advises in order to produce high quality images. Thus, every single images that are submitted at Wordans are verified automatically. In the event where the files would show undesirable sections, extra pixels or unwanted backgrounds, the Wordans designers team will make sure to fix everything. This task is completely free of charges because we cannot stand customer dissatisfaction. In the case where the image is considered unusable, we will directly contact the customer in order to find an alternative solution.

You will find those advises and learn much more about our services. See you soon on Wordans!

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