Wordans open all summer long to stay with you

If t-shirt can be linked to event planning, there is no better time to show off your colors than summer. That is why, in order to better accompany you during this pleasant season, Wordans stays open all summer long to help you fulfill your needs. We are then present each and every single month so we can stay by your side in order to assist you for your personal or professional needs.


Wordans open all summer long to stay with you !
Wordans open all summer long to stay with you !


To fulfill your seasonal needs

If you are invited at a birthday party in July or August and you are looking for the perfect gift, no need to panic, we are open all summer long in order to propose you a unique t-shirt that will cause a sensation during the event.

Individuals, but also professionals can benefit of the sunny season to wear their colors. Promotion for local or regional tourism, for example, will experience its peak season in July and August, with its flood of tourists, and the market for custom t-shirts depicting the colors and emblems of a local attraction or festival will explode.


Stay in touch with customers all year long

That is the reason why Wordans decided to stay open all through the summer to accompany you in all of your demands, your fulfillment needs, whether it be for resale, for personal use or for creativity purposes.

Summer might not be synonymous with holidays for everyone. It was a deliberate choice to stay open and available to those who continue to be active at the office or at home and to reply in July to those who leave in August and in August to those who left in July.


Your custom t-shirts needs know no season, that is why Wordans is opened all summer long. That way we can be available at any moment at its fiendly customers’ sides and to be able to ship them orders for any occasion as fast as possible.


You wish to know more about Wordans? Don’t hesitate to visit our website or to ask us the questions you didn’t find answers for.


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