Become a Wordans reseller and ease your end of months

You are looking for an extra revenue so that your end of months are not as tight? Or you have a personal project, a trip to plan or material that needs to be bought, which you would like to achieve without asking the bank? What if you would become one of our many partners or resellers? You could quickly and substantially grow your bank account and multiply the possibilities. Read what follows and discover more on the many possibilities that can charm you.

Become a Wordans reseller
Become a Wordans reseller

Exploit your creative side with your online store

You can create your own brand online, many others have done so already and with success. Then why not you? A humorous page, promoting your region, your city from a personal point of view and here you go! You only have to create your online store and commercialize that design that you created on our products. We will be in total charge of production, customer service and shipping. You don’t even run the risk of not being paid. Great sales volume is sure to follow great ideas. That’s all you have to do: find an idea that will sell, we will then make sure that you cash in the benefits.


Become a Wordans representative

You can also become a Wordans representative and become responsible for the promotion of our products towards your friends, whether they be real or virtual. If you know people that can be interested, associations or even businesses you will quickly become a true partner. On each sales that were done thanks to you, you will receive a 10% commission. You have to admit that, depending on the size of the orders, if you play the game well and seriously, the cheque that you will cash in at the end of the month can start to look really good. It all depends on you. You have all the necessary cards in your hands in order to make money by becoming a reseller.

You will find more information on the many possibilities that Wordans has to offer on our website.

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