Cozy Threads: A Special T-shirt For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Pink October, and when Filip and Diego from Cozy Threads reached us out with an amazing project in mind, we were really happy to help. They are two high school students from Vienna, Austria, that started a clothing brand as a school project for a subject that required creativity. Their school is a non profit christian school that supports all kinds of activities that involve charity work; so they decided to take this chance and the resources it provided to create something unique which would make a difference and have a positive impact during this month. We decided to speak with Filip to know more about their work and efforts to make this wonderful activation possible.


How did Cozy Threads start?

We founded Cozy Threads in 2019 as a school project. We wanted to create apparel that stands out of modern clothing brands and fast fashion. The brand it’s inspired by cultural diversity, which we try to reflect in every item we make.


Who’s behind Cozy Threads?

It’s only the two of us, me (Filip) and Diego. I was born and raised in Canada but my parents are from Bosnia and Serbia. I moved to Vienna two years ago. There I met Diego, and he has a strong cultural background too. He was born in Vienna and then moved to the United States for a while to finally come back to Austria. One of his parents is Italo-American and the other one from the Philippines.


How did you decide to involve your brand with Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Back to when I lived in my hometown located in Canada, it was very common that every October everybody would contribute somehow to spread the pink spirit. I just think that is  beautiful and really helps to spread awareness, so I thought it would be a great idea to take all this good energy and try to do the same in Vienna.


What does this project consist of? 

We wanted to cover two areas. First of all the educational part, spreading awareness; and secondly, collecting to donate. For the educational part, we decided to set a stand during chapel time on Thursdays, that way we can reach more people face to face. For the donation, we decided to create an exclusive t-shirt, also taking advantage of our online fashion brand. We chose a pink t-shirt from Wordans, and later a white one also. Then we grabbed one of the cupid designs we successfully used for an older t-shirt and put it in the front, whereas in the back we used the pink ribbon. The idea was to destinate all the donations to some focus entity that could use it for investigation.


Where are the t-shirts gonna be displayed? Are you gonna promote them somewhere?


.We’re gonna display them on our brand website, but also anywhere where we have the opportunity to. On the other hand, due to the current pandemic situation, we’ve been required to postpone this year’s events, due to the fact that we can’t organize anything publicly or that can put people’s health in risk.

We’ve also had lots of setbacks regarding the production of the t-shirts and their distribution, so we finally had to take the decision. What we’re sure about is that we will try our best to make it work for next year, as hopefully the situation will be better.

On the other hand, we have an Instagram account for our brand @cozythreadsvienna and a Facebook page, so we will use social media to advertise it. We created a flyer for the event that we’ll be sharing.



Where are the profits going?

We will be donating what we collect to ABCSG (Austrian Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Study Group). We decided to pick our local branch office because we believe that focusing on a smaller group will make a bigger impact. This organization performs trials to investigate breast and colon cancer, as well as providing the latest and best possible treatments to their patients, that’s why it makes it a good fit for our initiative.


How did you find Wordans?

We were actually working with your products for our brand. We found your brand 8 months ago.  When we first came up with the idea of this project, we were going to get the products ourselves, but then we thought Wordans would like to help us too as it has a good purpose and it would help maximize the donations, so that’s what we did. And when we contacted you guys, you were really happy to help make all this possible, and to donate these t-shirts, so it was pretty awesome that everything came together nicely.


What motivates you the most about this action?

That we’re raising awareness, which is in our opinion the most important thing. The fact of setting all this project in order to create a positive impact truly motivates us to keep doing this and possibly other future actions with the same goal.


At Wordans we find this project really inspiring and we’re happy to see the talent and heart of our clients and the effort of the young generations to make a difference in the society. We encourage you to join us with the hashtag #wearitpink on our Instagram @wearewordans and dye your October in pink to show your support.


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