Fashion is art: An interview with Charles Lyautey

Art is one of the things that is essential to being human. It is an expression of our deepest selves and our experience of the world around us. It has the magical power to draw people in and lose themselves. It’s a beautiful way in which we connect to the world around us and identify ourselves.

Art is all around us. Look no further than the clothes that you are wearing right now. It is an expression of yourself, your moods, attitudes and life choices. It can signal to the world around you how you identify yourself, what groups you associate with and what inspires you. The need for human expression explains why the fashion industry is what it is today.

One of the most inspiring people I’ve had the privilege to talk to is Charles Lyautey. A young fashion designer from France. Inspired by the world Around him, he set out to find his own path in life. And in this search, he found himself doing more than designing fashion. He found an opportunity to express himself and his experiences and share it with the rest of the world.

Like so many artists, Charles starts with nothing more than his thoughts and feelings and a blank canvas. In the case of Lyautey Couture the blank canvas is provided by Wordans. Our range of quality, blank apparel forms the foundation for Charles’ unique creations. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to Charles about his experiences from working with us.



Charles, can you tell me the story of why you started Lyautey Couture?

“I started designing clothes long before I started Lyautey Couture in January of 2016. Some of my pieces were already available from a boutique shop in Old Annecy in France. My inspiration to take the next step in journey came during my time in Canada. I had moved there for a year. When my visa expired and I had to return to France, I realized that there was nothing that made me feel more inspired than designing fashion. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. That’s when I started Lyautey Couture.”


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

“My inspiration comes from the street. I look closely at the people, what they wear, the way they carry themselves and how they interact with the world. I’m inspired by architecture and the materials with which these buildings are erected. But some smaller things inspire me as well. Photos that I see on social networks, they can be “old” or modern. There’s always something there.”


In your eyes, what makes Lyautey Couture so special?

“What’s so special about Lyautey Couture is that every piece that I create is unique. I discover the individual designs in antique shops. It’s an embroidered style that some would consider out of date, but they’re uniquely created by one person. Which is what makes it so special. I then take the unique designs and I fuse it with the garments, creating something truly one of a kind.”


What are your dreams for Lyautey Couture in the next 5 years?

“In 5 years, I would like to have opened a Lyautey Couture workshop. A place where I will have two annual presentations, with customers waiting in line to get in.

I want to work with a motivated team, that inspire me but also leave me the space to entirely devote myself to artistic creation. I want Lyautey Couture to be a committed and responsible brand. Leaving the world a better place.”




You chose to work with Wordans as the foundation for your art, can you tell me a bit more about this decision?
“I chose Wordans because of its wide choice of quality products. Its range of clothing and available colors are unmatched. The website is easy-to-use with precise filters that allow me to get what I need without too much fuss. Wordans has a place in my heart, its fast delivery and impeccable customer service allow me to do what I love. It’s been 4 years since we started this collaboration and it’s been nothing but great.”


Thanks for the kind words. Of course, there are more people out there that want to chase their dreams like you. What advice do you have for these young designers and entrepreneurs?

“WORK. WORK. WORK. But learn to listen to yourself and know how to keep confidence that everything will work out. This is the most important! – The brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”


Would you recommend Wordans to young designers?

“Absolutely! Wordans is a great company that gives you a practical way to source many different items on which you can let your creativity explode! You can make prints, paintings, cutouts! There’s no limit to what your creativity can do!”


Having the opportunity to pick Charles’ brain on the topics of art, fashion and everything in between has been a wonderful experience. He’s brimming with energy and creativity that’s just looking for a way out. He found his outlet in fashion and design.

You can find him at:



I hope that after reading this interview you feel inspired to rebel against the status quo, to find your own path in life. To express yourself!

Let us know how you use fashion to express yourself at @wearewordans.

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