A Fashion and Business Cocktail: Giorgio Tara

What’s the ideal age to start your own business? Nothing’s written about it. There are no rules. Everything starts with a dream, an idea and lots of motivation. Today, at Wordans, we have the pleasure to introduce one of our Spanish clients, Jordi Tarazaga, a young student with a strong business oriented mind. He’s from Valencia and he decided to start his own business 2 months ago. He’s studying a bachelor’s in labor relationships and HHRR. His father is a lawyer and his mum created a company related to family organization as he has 10 brothers, a family he says has inspired him and he feels very proud of. Jordi, behind his brand Giorgio Tara, defines himself as an ambitious person and very competitive. Ethical, serious when it’s needed but with a sense of humor and attitude. We wanted to get to know him as we think he can inspire you too!

What inspired you to create your own brand?

I always loved fashion and elegance, I’ve always been very demanding when it comes to my looks and the clothes I wear. I’ve always been a business lover, as I grew up in a family environment that made it easy for me to understand what that’s about. Even though my family owns some companies, I never wanted the easy way. I wanted to create my own path and my own business journey. Business opportunities give me adrenaline and that’s a feeling I live for. This is for now a project,  but a nice start for me when it comes to the fashion and business world.

On the other hand, I think fashion’s a way to express yourself. I wanted to show the world how I identify myself. I wanted to say something, my own version of myself. I wanted to earn things myself too. I have confidence in what I do, I believe in my project, and that’s what motivates me to do what I do.

Your fashion proposal differs from what we can normally find nowadays for young people. Why did you pick this elegant style?

I always liked to dress elegant. I imagine my client in the same style. I don’t want to be like the others, I want to represent my own sense of fashion. I don’t care what the current trends are for people my age, because I believe that there are still young people that love to wear that kind of looks and that needs to be represented too.

Then, how would you define your target?

I never wanted to focalize my target to a young audience only, but also to any that might feel identified with the styles of my collections, although maybe my target might be more masculine. But what I can say it’s that my target customers are upper middle class, people that feel confident about themselves, or people that want to reinforce their confidence with their looks.

We’d love to know why you chose us, Wordans, for your brand.

I actually started like everyone else, searching on the internet; and I found your company with very convenient prices and a fast shipping option. But soon the client service you guys offered me really captivated me. Lorrane is always so attentive. I also hate using the email so it’s super easy to just give her a call and ask anything I can have in mind.  In addition, I like that the service it’s really personalized, and she always calls me by my name, which I appreciate and I value.

Why did you choose Giorgio Tara as the name for your brand? What inspired your first collection?

I’ve always been a fan of the Italian style, their food, language and culture. It’s a symbol of excellence, good taste and quality. I wanted to transmit this in my collection. For my designs I decided to add a Spanish flag on it as I thought it would sell well and it represents the fact that it’s a Spanish company made in Spain, but I might use different designs for the future.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs that want to start their own company?

I would tell them not to be afraid of it. It’s important to believe in yourself and your product. I actually wear my collections all the time. Also to have a nice marketing strategy it’s really important. The clienteling it’s also key. I like to offer personalized customer service by adapting to the customer’s needs, as well as always asking about their satisfaction once they purchase my items. I’m not the best to give advice because I’m pretty new in this world, I still have a lot to learn, but for sure, I like attention to details, even to the smallest details such as the packaging or just adding a “thank you” note with the orders. On the other hand it’s always to ask when in doubt, we’re always learning.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Illusion. I love when families get my items for a gift, or for someone important to them. It’s very rewarding when they chose me, and they’re making someone happy with my products.

How do you picture yourself in 5 years? How do you imagine your brand?

I imagine myself working a lot, I’m very active and can’t stop moving around and getting involved in new projects! I like to think big and be around people. I’d love to have more than one business too, I think that would be very exciting and challenging.

When it comes to my brand, I picture myself stepping in front of a window and seeing my products on the display. I would also love to expand my brand first locally, then nationally and who knows what would be next!

We hope this interview inspired you as much as it inspired us. Discover @jordi_tarazaga.oficial and follow @wearewordans to find our latest news, deals and much more! Visit our website Wordans.ca and start your new business now.

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