Meet Irene Peipoch: A voyage from handcraft to customization

Nobody said that talented people are only found in the big cities. Taradell is a small town located in the interior of Catalonia. That area, a bit far from the famous Barcelona, still maintains its traditional spirit and handcraft. The most amazing thing about towns is that they have this familiar atmosphere, where almost everybody knows each other, where everybody talks and knows what’s going on around. So that’s why it’s so important to have an outstanding service and quality product if you’re working in a location like that; also, because people there expect that, as they’re used to it since they were kids, making them a very demanding customer. That’s why we wanted to talk with the face of “Labors Irene”, Irene Peipoch, a local successful growing business, whom we have the pleasure to work with.


Irene, you have an online business that consists of personalized items the customer can customize, making them truly unique. When did you decide to create your own business? How did you come up with the idea?

“Labors Irene” started 6 years ago. I loved sewing my whole life , but never thought I could actually earn a living from this. My mum always believed in me, and encouraged me to fight for my dreams and my passion in life. It wasn’t really my idea, but hers, for me to start my business and offer something very personal as my creations are, but also shaping them into the customer’s preferences. My project was focused on having a wide variety of products always involving sewing.


I see you have a detailed business based on the personalization of items. How important do you think this factor is nowadays?

A lot. Most of my clients and customers ask for it. From personalized items with their names, trendy logos or dates, to corporate logos for all kinds of companies, factories and even some music bands. I think this adds value to my products and differentiates me from my competitors. I definitely think that this factor played a lot when it comes to the growth and success of my business.

When was the moment you discovered Wordans and decided to work with us? Why?

I remember I had bought a vinyl machine and an iron press in order for me to start offering something else to my customers and clients. I was looking for a company that could offer me quality products at the best prices to move forward when it comes to extending my offer range.

During my search I found Wordans and I decided to try. I was astonished by the variety of products and colors, as well as the amazing customer service I got. So I decided I didn’t want to work with anyone else.



Would you recommend Wordans to small or local businesses?

Yes. What I like about Wordans is that the shipping is really fast so I can always respond to my customers’ demands in an effective and rapid way. Right now I have even 15 days delay for face masks production, for example, so it’s great counting on a fast delivery. Besides that, again, I’d like to remark the excellent customer service Wordans provides. I like the fact that no matter if you purchase more or less, the attention I get it’s always great, that’s why I know first hand that it’s gonna be a good choice for small local businesses, they’re gonna feel a familiar treat which is nice.


How did Covid affect your business?

Well you know, I think Covid has impacted positively in terms of raising the sales for small online businesses like mine. I could notice the impact, and somehow it is good to see a positive side in all this. I also started selling personalized face masks which obviously was an immediate success. A lot of companies started reaching out to me in order to get their custom made masks and the demand it’s still high, making them one of the top sellers right now.


What makes you proud about your business?

What moves me is basically seeing people happy with my products. I get that a lot from my clients, and that makes me feel proud of where I took my business to. Also some people find it difficult to spot customized fashion items that could meet their needs in terms of sizing or body shape. In my case, I just adjust whatever they ask me to, and that makes a difference for them, they get so happy that I’m able to transform anything into exactly what they want. Being able to adapt to what my customers want to make them happy is something that fulfills me.


What plans do you have in mind regarding the future?

I would love to keep growing my business and take it to the next level. Now that I’m experimenting this quick growth I can’t get enough! In the near future I’d love to open my own store to keep providing excellent attention to my customers and show my products, because physically I just show them in fairs that take place in my hometown and other towns in my area. I consider myself a fighter and even with the tough moments I’ve had in my life, I’m gonna keep chasing my dreams to make the best of them.



Irene is a portrait of a strong woman that even with the ups and downs in life, has found her own path through hard work. That’s why we think she’s someone to look up to. We believe her story will encourage other possible women entrepreneurs to take the first step and jump into a new adventure. Discover Irene’s Instagram page: Labors Irene.


For all of you, we can offer you the best customer service to help you raise your next successful business. Get to know us by exploring our website or visit our Instagram @wearewordans for daily inspiration.


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