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Keep your business warm with those jackets

Wearing the right jacket can be a determinant in order to create the right outfit.  This garment evolved during the years, switching from a basic piece of clothing to a more fashionable one. As a matter of fact, in the nineteenth century, this garment was very popular and used for the dinners out with silk […]

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Customizable sports equipment : Champion

In any business, having a corporate image it’s something important. Knowing the importance this has nowadays, we strive to offer the best products to cover all your company’s needs. Sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, and many other items are available for customization on Wordans Canada. Today we introduce a brand that doesn’t really need an introduction, since […]

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Next Level Apparel: Versatile clothing

As you have probably noticed, the Wordans site has a large panel of different brands just for you. It is important for us to tell you more, and that you get to know them, appreciate them. We’re sure most of you would be interested in knowing how these brands came into being. Today we’re going […]

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NewBorns at the Office

Life is a cycle and sooner or later, some couples decide it is the moment to take a step further in their relationship and plan to have a kid together or maybe add a new member to their family. It is a natural process and a moment to celebrate life. That’s why it is very […]

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Must Have Sport Items

Every January we look back at the previous year and reassess what’s in our hands to improve our health and well-being. That’s why, if you’re thinking about taking your company to another level, and might be considering investing in promoting a sporty and healthy lifestyle between your employees, we have the perfect items for you.  […]

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A Fashion and Business Cocktail: Giorgio Tara

What’s the ideal age to start your own business? Nothing’s written about it. There are no rules. Everything starts with a dream, an idea and lots of motivation. Today, at Wordans, we have the pleasure to introduce one of our Spanish clients, Jordi Tarazaga, a young student with a strong business oriented mind. He’s from […]

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4 Top Seller Gildan Sweatshirts

There’s a garment that’s always in our closets, that never fails to accompany us when the temperatures go down. Sweatshirts are comfy and versatile, and you can wear them with a stylish look, for a getaway, a hike or to stay cozy at home! Well combined for the office, underneath an oversized blazer, or with […]

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Xmas tie-dye

It’s been a while since our first tie-dye blog! That’s why we thought that, now that it’s Christmas time, it would be the perfect moment to remind you a nice and creative way to spend these holidays with the little ones of the house, or… the adults ones! This is an activity for everybody ? This […]

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Christmas at the office

The countdown to Christmas has already begun. Two weeks left to start the holiday season and probably you have your office already perfectly decorated. If you’re late with some of the company activities or traditions, don’t worry, we got you covered with some advice and recommendations you can use last minute thanks to our fast […]

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Get THE look for Christmas

When Christmas time comes, we find our agenda full of events to attend. This year, even if this might be quite different due to the current situation, you might still have some family or friends meetings. For these occasions, it can be tricky to get the perfect look, that’s why at Wordans, as always, we want […]

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