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Over 1500 designs to create your custom t-shirt!

It’s been 1 year since our first designers submitted their custom t-shirt graphics, offering unique and original t-shirt prints for you to customize your t-shirts with. We are glad to announce that Wordans now offers more than 1500 designs for your custom t-shirts. From Political t shirts to celebrity t-shirt, our Wordans designers never cease […]

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Can animal t-shirts eat you?

Animal t-shirts are a tribute to mother nature’s gift to man, and our Wordans designers have been awesome submitting great animal designs for your custom t-shirts. These 2 are my personal favorites: the soft yet dangerous panda and the exotic leopard.¬† I know you are just dying to print your own custom t-shirt with these […]

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Top 5 ways to wear a Geek t-shirt

Fellow Brainaholics, geekwads and geek wannabes. It is time to get in touch with your inner self and start wearing some geek t-shirts. Geek t-shirts aren’t just for anybody. You have to become the geek to wear the geek. So how do you become geek t-shirt worthy? Here’s our top 5: 1 – Start by […]

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Top 3 designs for custom T-shirts

Check out these cool new designs fresh off the press at the Wordans T-shirt Lab. They look good, but they’d look better on you! Choose your design in the boutique section, place it where you want it on a shirt, and voil√†, you have your very own custom t-shirt! We get dozens of new designs, […]

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Kanye West goes fashion !

Kanye West has never been so fashionable! Designer Malves sent us this great kanye west graphic design called college dropout as a tribute to our favorite producer. You can now make your own Kanye West original T-shirt and prove your fanhood. Just create your own t-shirt using the design, add text, and you have your […]

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Wall-E : A tribute to Johnny 5

Do you remember Johnny 5? This was one of my favorite childhood movies! This AI robot proved to us all that robots can be nice and innocent AI creatures rather than the bleak portrait given by movies such as Terminator and the Matrix. Wall-E is a new Pixar movie based on the Johnny 5 concept, […]

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Thank You to All Our Designers and Fans!

The Wordans Team would like to thank all our designers for the great content that has been submitted over the year. Thanks to you, T-shirt fans can create unique pieces that really stand out. I think we can now say that custom t-shirt printing has never had so much to offered. Talented designers such as […]

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More Fonts for your T-shirt Text

Can’t find the font you want for your custom t-shirt? Check out these cool websites and choose the font YOU want. Don’t be a slave to our font collection, choose for yourself what kind of text you want on your custom t shirt. http://www.dafont.com/ http://www.400fonts.com/ http://www.1001freefonts.com/ http://simplythebest.net/fonts/ Just send us an e-mail with the font […]

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ClockWork Orange T-shirt – A Wordans Original

Clockwork Orange is decidedly one of my all time favorite movies. Stanley Kubrick gives us a look of a familiar future, where delinquents are ”persuaded” to conform to society. Now I always wanted a Clockwork Orange t-shirt, but I figured it was a little bit dated. Today I received this new design which gives a […]

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Geek T-shirt designs you’ll die for

Check out these new geek designs submitted by designers Phil D and Crazyrig, both designers from Montreal, Canada. I had to throw in the Wordans fraternity symbol, because I think its pretty clever! We get dozens of new designs every day ready for you to print on you own custom t-shirt. Check out the top […]

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