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T-shirt : Art of color

Tastes and colors aren’t a subject of discuss. Based on that principle, Wordans gives you as many choices of colors as possible for your t-shirts. Even if you prefer flashy colors or the sobriety you get from darker shades, you’ll find your perfect match. Each color hides a signification underneath. To help guide you, we decided to explain to you the symbolic of each color.


t-shirt bleu
Blue is a prominent color in our environment and is greatly appreciated by the population. Associated to the sea or the sky in the collective mindset, blue symbolises dreams. It helps to let the spirit travel and calm the ardour. Easy color to wear, it will bring a refreshing touch to your t-shirts. Be careful, however, not to abuse of it in your everyday clothing. Too much blue, especially when it is dark, can give the impression of suffocation/choking. It is therefore advised to wear it with light shades such as white or beige. For lighter blue or turquoise, you can complete outfit with a nuance of brown that will fit perfectly.


t-shirt rouge
Warm color par excellence, red isn’t restricted to only one signification. Often associated to passionate feelings, it can be seen in a positive or negative light. Symbolising as much love and sensuality, it can also be interpreted as its opposite hate and anger. Whichever way you decide to look at this color, it is certain that it doesn’t leave you neutral. Its warmth and energy can bring a feeling of well being as well as excitement for some people.

To go with a red t-shirt, we advice brown clothing. Those two colors fit very well together. If you’re not sold on brown, you can also turn to white or black without risking a lack of taste.


t-shirt jaune

Yellow is definitely the happy color. Referring directly to the sun, it irradiates and represents perfectly the party spirit and human warmth. It is usually associated as the color of friendship and fraternity. But be careful, as every color, it can be interpreted many ways and symbolize for a good number of people betrayal and lie.

Not always easy to wear, yellow allows you to create an original and tasteful outfit. Don’t hesitate to wear your t-shirt with colors such as black, white, brown or even cream.


Orange represents cheerfulness and good mood. Often associated to yellow in terms of its symbolic, this color is perceived as the representation of communication and creativity. Orange is one of the rare colors not to have a real negative signification. Instead, some might estimate that its use can be cheesy.

Flashy color par excellence, you have to be careful not to use it too much. To balance the bold bright side of your t-shirt, we advice to associate it with close shades like red or yellow.


black t-shirt
By definition, black just like white isn’t a color but often perceived as such. Symbolizing negative elements like death, sadness or darkness, it is the opposite of joy. However, it is greatly appreciated to bring a touch of elegance, simplicity and sobriety.

Color that is easy to wear, it is valued for its neutral aspect. Associated with warm or bright colors, it accentuates contrasts.


white t-shirt
Here’s the perfect opposite of black. White is associate to purity and is included in musts have for your outfits. Without any negative signification, it is the symbol of virginity, innocence and divinity. Since it is the color of matrimony, there are no restrictions and you can associate your white t-shirts with any color.


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