Why buy organic t-shirts?

Cotton is one of the largest grown crops and it represents approximately 40% of the world’s textile production. Since cotton fields are heavy on chemicals and toxins, these fields are extremely hazardous to our environment and health. Organic cotton is usually more expensive, but for good reason. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The soil used for growing organic cotton has to be clean from chemicals for at least 3 years before planting can even begin.

2. If is very difficult to grow quality cotton without the use of insecticides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

Nevertheless, the extra buck or two spent on an organic t-shirt will go a long way in preserving both our land and wildlife.

Two of my favorite brands that carry organic t-shirts are:

American Apparel
Love them or hate them, all of their garments are sweatshop free and their organic line of t-shirts are gorgeous.

Rêv-evolution by OÖM Ethikwear
OÖM is a Montreal based company that promotes products made from organic or organic free trade cotton. All OÖM garments are made by socially dedicated organizations in Quebec. And if that’s not enough, 2% of OÖM’s sales are donated to charities.

Men's 100% organic t-shirt
'Think Green' Organic T-Shirt : OOM

American Apparel 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt
'It's Easy Being Green' Organic T-Shirt : American Apparel

Checkout our library to see cool user submitted designs that you can print on organic t-shirts to promote your cause:

Animal & Wildlife T-shirts
Environment T-shirts
Awareness T-shirts
News & Politics T-shirts

Customize your organic t-shirt here >

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