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Spring – summer 2015: T-shirts are a safe value

Summer’s arriving soon and with it comes heath. Over is the time where you had to hide your t-shirts under 3 layers of clothing. Now we’re about to discard pullovers and jackets to expose our light clothes.

With rising temperatures, you’ll want to adapt your style. You’ll trade your pants for shorts and your coats for t-shirts. To help you be as fashionable as you can be, here are a few advices from Wordans.

Summer colors:

custom t-shirts american apparel

You can choose from a large range of colors to stay trendy this summer.  Between pastel and vivid colors, here’s a selection of must-have colors for the summer 2015.

Blue and its derivatives are the big winners of this season. Use frequently this year, your favourite stores must be full of it. Associated with pastel tints, light blue seems a better match. Ideal to clear your mind, it prevents heath from pilling up by reflecting sun’s light.

Orange shades are also prominent this season. Again, you’ll be spoiled with choices since you’ll be able to go from vivid tones to lighter ones. If you decide to wear a flashy orange, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to have an effect even on the more close-minded ones. However if you decide to go with a darker shade you’ll definitely give off summer class.

Recover our article on colors symbolization and association.

Printed patterns:

This year, flowers should blossom all around you. Indeed, floral patterns liked by big designers should make its apparition for the general public. It’s such an adequate choice for this summer.

If you’re not feeling the excitement for nature, you can turn to stripes which are making their comeback. Especially approved this year by Jean-Paul Gautier, this pattern should have a big success this summer.

The top:

bottom fashion

Fashion is to be light, colourful and original. It is therefore ideal to wear custom t-shirts that’ll make you stand out. Don’t hesitate to mix colors to reach your summer look. Plain clothing seems to be advantaged but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear light and uncluttered designs on your t-shirts. We advice you go with lighter shades to avoid getting too hot.


For women, shoes trend is pretty low. Say goodbye to high heels and hello to comfort. Gladiator sandals win the gold for the summer. They will however share the podium with derby shoes which seems to gain popularity more and more. For the color, gold, silver and white are good choices for spring-summer 2015.

The bottom:

fashion t-shirt custom

This year we stay classic. To be comfortable, women can count on skirts or shorts. Perfect to cool down on a hot summer day, they fit very well with t-shirts.

For men, classic is still the word. They’ll move from casual shorts to summer pants and back. Some might cheat and wear canvas Bermuda shorts that seem to comeback this year.

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