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Custom BBQ aprons let everyone know who the chef is

bbq kingDo you love barbecues? Who doesn’t. They’re the perfect summertime leisure activity, especially where there isn’t summer year-round where you live. They’re a great place to kick back with family and friends and enjoy some great food.

But for some, the backyard BBQ means something else. It’s time to cook! It’s time to take pride in all the food prepared and joy in the faces of your friends and family as they devour burgers, dogs, brochettes, veggie delicacies like the Portabello burger, ears of corn and even steak and potatoes.

A great barbecue chef has their own tools of the trade: tongs, spatula and oven mits. They even bring these over to their friends’ houses when they have been named the cook of the particular event.

There’s one more thing a great BBQ chef needs: an apron. Not just any apron, but one that evokes their personality as an outdoor cook. Store-bought aprons just don’t cut it for the real backyard culinary artist. They need a custom-designed apron from Wordans.

Not only does the custom apron evoke the chef’s personality while protecting his or her clothing from the various spills that are an inevitable part of the BBQ game, it also acts as a deterrent against uninvited would be sous-chefs. The allure of the barbecue is great and people think they can just jump behind it, because at some parties without a designated chef, they can.

Creating your own custom designed BBQ apron lets everyone know who the chef for the night is. It’s your grill, your rules. In fact, that can be the slogan you put on your apron. If you’d prefer something more visual, that’s possible, too.

It’s actually quite easy to do. First, have a look at the custom barbecue designs we already have available for you to use. If something peaks your interest, then please feel free to use it. If you don’t find a BBQ design that works for you, don’t worry, you can create your own¬†very easily.

bbq kiss the chefIt’s just three steps, actually. First you pick your product, we have quite a few quality aprons available from various companies. Next, upload any images and text you want to use. If you’re particularly good with graphic design, it’s a good idea to incorporate your text into an image. Third, find yourself the best printing deal possible. We offer screen printing and digital printing, so please shop around.

Then it’s time to start planning your menu, practicing your techniques and honing your burger flipping. While you do this, Wordans will be locally printing your apron and shipping it to you from a local affiliate printer in our network.

This process saves you both time and money without skimping on quality. You can even pick your apron up en route to the BBQ and save on delivery charges altogether as Wordans has local pickup locations in most major Canadian cities.

You’re the chef, it’s your grill and Wordans wants to help you remind everyone of that all too important fact.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathersdayENStill wondering what you’re gonna get your dad for this Fathers’ Day? Yeah, we thought so! Don’t lose your time buying him a book he won’t read, or another anti-wrinkles cream that will end up in a pile with all those other products he never uses. This year, offer him something he’ll really like! Be it a custom t-shirt, mug, apron, iPhone case, or iPad skin with a picture that commemorates your family, or simply a funny and cool design from our online shop, you can rest assured that he’ll love his gift this year!

Plus, we’re offering a 15% OFF coupon code with your father’s day gift purchase… What are you waiting for?

Here’s our 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide… and you can also go on our Custom Products Application to create your own! Get 15% OFF by entering this code at checkout : Fathersday2013giftguide_fathersdaybeergiftguide_fathersdaymug¬†giftguide_fathersdaysuperdadgiftguide_greatestdadgiftguide_grillinstructorgiftguide_newdad


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