What kind of statement is this t-shirt making?

I came across this t-shirt today.

 Balmain Slashed army t-shirt

The description says: Go for stylishly dishevelled cool in Balmain’s olive green distressed detail cotton t-shirt. Work the runway look by teaming this statement staple with cargo pants and ankle boots for a luxe spin on utility chic. Shown here with Balmain shoes, jacket, pants and clutch.

Price tag? Guess. You’ll never guess…. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? You should… Sit… Brace yourself… Here it goes… Wait… Maybe you should get some water too…. I don’t want you to faint or throw up a little in your mouth… Go… I’ll wait… Yer back? Good… Ready? The t-shirt sells for one thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars. That’s $1625.

I really thought there was a typo. Is this “fashion house” for real? Has anyone purchased this t-shirt? and more importantly, why would anyone buy a t-shirt full of holes that looks like a military discard? We throw our old t-shirts full of holes out. Not buy one full of holes. It’s insulting to my intelligence.

So I ask you: What is the very maximum you would ever pay for an unbranded designer t-shirt? I’m really dying to know. Leave a comment here or fan us on Facebook and leave your answer on the the Wall.

If for whatever reason you actually like this t-shirt, here’s a tip: Wordans sells American Apparel t-shirts for $14.95 CAD and we even have ‘em in Army Green.

American Apparel 2001 Men's Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T

Save yourself the other $1610.05. At this price you can even afford to screw up your first sheering and slashing attempt ;)

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Can a t-shirt save my life?

We all know how hard it is for a young designer to become big, it’s like making friends with the coolest people of your class at uni…not that easypeasy right?!

Wordans knows that very well and that’s why we want to help young designers like you who struggle selling their stuff to get started. Our priority is to take young designers out of their cellars, we’re like american idol for custom t-shirts (except we won’t dress you up in a spotty teens’ idol!). We could have arranged for sponsors with big designers as some of our rivals did (do we name them?no ok,let’s be sport!),we opted out for mutual aid so that the small unknown designer lost in the middle of nowhere can have the chance to make his thing thanks to our customers who share our way of thinking

Here is the top 5 designers who did it this month, thanks to all of you:






If you want to be part of our trip, try your luck or just get an idea of how people like your stuff, hop on board and we’ll work together in a cool and chill mindset.

The choice is yours to either open your free t-shirt shop or browse through the top tee shirt designs of the day, remain the master of your business!

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