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A custom Father’s Day t-shirt for the dad who has everything

worlds best dad fathers dayFather’s day is coming up, it’s this coming Sunday, June 15th. Now, sons and daughters everywhere are asking themselves the age-old question of what to get dear old Dad, the man, who has, as far as they know, everything he could possibly want. The answer, this year, is simple: a custom Father’s Day t-shirt from Wordans.

Think about it, between Christmas, his birthday and father’s day, you’ve pretty much exhausted all of your good present ideas in multiple variations several times over. He probably has enough cologne to last him five more father’s days, he’s read all of his books from cover to cover and that rare single malt scotch? Well, it was rare the first three times you got it for him, by now, it’s pretty common and almost expected.

But how will a shirt change all this? He already has plenty of clothes. Well, it’s not just any shirt, it’s a custom-designed tee. That means it’s not something you can find in your average department store, or any store, for that matter.

worlds greatest dad custom tshirtLook through all the choices of custom designs created by Wordans customers and see if something would suit your pop on his special day. Maybe it will be a father’s day design or something else promoting his overall dad-ness, but it doesn’t have to be. Wordans has custom-designed t-shirts available covering just about any niche topic imagineable.

If you don’t find something he’d like or think you can come up with something better, you’re invited and encouraged to. After all, he’s your father, so who knows what type of shirt he would like better than you?

Wordans makes this easy for you. In just three simple steps you can create your own custom designed t-shirt: choose your product, add images and text and get the best price. Then your job is over and ours begins.

The Wordans affiliate printer nearest you will print your t-shirt and ship it to you. This means not only that you’ll be supporting local business, but also that you’ll  be saving money. And speaking of saving money, we’re running a promotion for the occasion: just enter FATHERSDAY2014 as a promo code and you’ll save 15% off your purchases.

If you’re wondering if there’s enough time to get your shirts before the big day, the answer is yes, but if you don’t want to take any chances, you can order express delivery or even come and pick your custom father’s day tees up in person at one of our pickup locations located in most Canadian major cities.

Wordans knows how important the right Father’s Day gift can be and how hard it can be to come up with something original for someone you’ve known, well, your whole life. You’ll always get it right when you’re in complete control of what you’re getting him and with Wordans you are.

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Sorry for the Drawing…Happy Father’s Day!

When I was a little girl, I used to draw something horrible for father’s day, of course my dad was still lucky compared to the pasta necklaces my mum got. I’ve always tried my best to do the nicest drawings for my dad, but it always ended up in a lopsided guitar or a tennis racket with its head longer than its handle (useful info: my dad plays guitar and he’s a tennis teacher).

My dad, just like my mum, always was happy with his drawings, he would pin them on the wall next to his guitars and concert posters (talking about it, some of them are still on the wall). My ridiculous drawing mixing with The Beatles, Eric Clapton and a Fender Telecaster, my dad knew how to bring some prestige to my horrors; but thinking about it, I would say his Telecaster lost value because of my “pieces of art”…

I’ve grown up a bit since the tennis racket drawn on this pink paper and I realized my dad was worth a better gifts for father’s day. I wanted something personal, my mum always taught me to get people personal gifts instead of something of public interest such as a pan, screaming loud “Mum! I’m Hungry!”. In fact I didn’t have to think about an idea for long, I live in Montreal and my dad 5000 kms away, I wanted something reminding him of his little girl, a piece of me; but as I wanted to keep my limbs, I opted out for a piece of me less painful than  an organ donation!

I naturally chose a custom t-shirt, with the drawing of a tennis racket looking like the one I drew a few years ago. I can’t wait to see my dad’s face when he sees his personal t-shirt made by me, for him.

I am sure you have your own little story to express on a custom tee shirt. You only have to create it and there you go! My dad won’t be the only one to wear a Wordans father’s day t-shirt! We give you a discount code to save money while pleasing your dad. You’ll get 15% off our father’s day t-shirts with the discount code: HiDad

Get ready, create your own t-shirt!

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