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Obama / McCain Election T-shirts

It’s almost over. That’s right, in less than 2 weeks, Barack Obama or John McCain will become the next president of the United States. No matter who wins, change will definitely be in the air.

This is your last chance to get your hands on Obama T-shirts, Palin tee shirts and McCain t shirts before its too late! Wordans is setting up a special promo code for all you election t-shirt ethusiasts. Order any Election T-Shirt annd type in the following coupon code and save 20% off your Obama T-shirt or McCain T-shirt order:

T-shirt coupon code: USAELECTIONS

Check out some Obama and McCain T-shirt ideas form our collection:

I Hate Palin T-Shirt

Vote for Obama T-shirt

Read My Lipstick T-shirt

Obama is Hope T-Shirt

McCain Parody T-shirt

Obama: Power to the People Tee Shirt

See the full elections T-Shirt collection

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McCain Ate My Children!

I was watching a rerun of the Republican Convention the other night. Sarah Baracuda was unveiling her masterplan on how to save America (from what I understand, the less private jets in Alaska, the less changes of getting attacked by terrorists), McCain was introducing her beautiful family, the crowd was cheering USA, USA!

I thought, “what a great day for America!”

But something strange was in the air. As I was watching tv blissfully, I felt a cold draft coming from the kitchen window, as if someone was in my house….

I ran upstairs opened the kids room door… It was horrifying… MCCAIN ATE MY CHILDREN!

I called the neighbors to warn them, but it was too late… My neighbour answered… PALIN ATE MY CHILDREN!

We call upon you, fellow citizens, to help raise funds for the “Save My Children from the Republicans” foundation.

Buy your very own “McCain Ate My Children” and “Palin Ate My Children” t-shirts and help raise awareness for our cause.

Our children are our future, help keep them out of McCain and Palin’s diet plan.

The Wordans Team

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