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Quebecer from Tee to Toe!

Today the weather is nice, birds are singing outside, it’s time to party! It’s time to take our flags, white and blue make-up, even wear a lily flower for the most patriotic ones, anyways, it’s time to celebrate Quebec as it should!

This morning on my way to the metro, there were already flags on cars, windows and balconies; I think people are ready to create a funky atmosphere and party until tomorow morning!

We all know that St Jean Baptiste is celebrated in Quebec, but did you know it’s celebrated in other big cities as well? Indeed people will party too in Paris, London, Brussels, New York, Mexico and Tokyo: we won’t be left alone painted in white and blue! As there are different shows thoughout Montreal, I think I’ll go to “L’autre St Jean” in Rosemont; and you, what are you up to?

There’s one thing I won’t forget : my Quebec t-shirt! Hurry up and get ready to customize your own t-shirt!


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