Wordans: Picking the right fabric for you

Picking the Right Fabric for You By: Fashionista B Ever wonder what the qualities of certain fabrics are? Why do some stain and others just wide away? After some research, I found some great basic information about three popular winter fabrics: Cotton, Polyester and Fleece. Once you know the qualities of each fabric, you are […]

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Yes, a T-shirt IS fashionable and here’s how

It’s not only the comfiest thing you can wear to get through the day, it’s also a fashion statement… If you choose it right! Here are examples of t-shirts perfectly blended with a fashion attitude. Take notes! 1. With a lace skirt     This clashing looks has some kind of harmony. Found on HappilyGrey, […]

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“Art Not War” T-shirt of the Week

Make Art, not War! Featuring our T-SHIRT of the week! Get 15% off with the coupon code ”  TSHIRTOFTHEDAY2013 “. Apply coupon at Checkout!

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