Got a band? Crazy about music? Looking for a shirt to express your passion?

Band shirts are legendary. They have accompanied generations of fans over decades and they represent an souvenir for life. Of course you could easily buy pre-designed merchandise at a concert of your favorite band… # But what, if you would like to express your passion about a band or a specific style of music via […]

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Hunt a monster on and put it on a garment!

In case you’re looking for a timeless, fashionable and extraordinary design that suits children as well as teenagers and adults: choose one of our M-O-N-S-T-E-R-S availableĀ in our t-shirt application. Put your favorite creature, e.g. gremlin, alien, yeti, beast, dragon, vampire, ghost … on a garment of your choice and get yourself or your friends/family an […]

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Chinglish t-shirts survive the Olympics

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, chinglish, also known as engrish, is a Chinese phenomenon that has had tourists laughing for decades. You don’t have to go there to experience it, you’ve probably seen it at home, on your tv , or even in your closet… Chinglish is the perfect example of […]

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