Jewellery has arrived at Wordans

Jewellery has arrived at Wordans

By: Fashionista B

Fashion jewellery has arrived at Wordans! Wordans Canada is finally able to offer it’s clients an assortment of fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Fashion jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit. Having the perfect dangling pendant necklace. Wearing a ring that matches the colour of your other accessories. Accessories create cohesiveness in an outfit.

I have pulled a few items from the Wordans Jewellery site that are my personal favourites.


First up, rings!

Wordans is carrying three styles of rings. The first is traditional settings with unique stones. For example, this emerald cut mystic stone. Shining in a vast array of colours, this ring will match any outfit and catch the eye.

The second style of ring available is unique designs. This micro-pave flower ring is available in rose gold, gold and sterling silver, embedded with crystals and a central cubic zirconia. This ring is a beautiful statement piece that will look great on basic styled clothing.


Lastly, is the traditional rings. Gorgeous sterling silver or gold plated rings with traditional settings and Swarovski or Cubic Zirconia crystals. This trinity halo ring is a beautiful reminder of the past, present and future.


Next up, Bracelets!

Wordans has available two styles of bracelets. The first is the classic tennis bracelet, available in a single, double or triple row Swarovski crystals set in gold, white, or rose gold plated settings. What I love about this bracelet is that it is completely adjustable from 4″-8″. 

Our second bracelet is the charm bracelet. This bracelet rose in popularity in recent years and Wordans has numerous styles available in blues, pinks, oranges, reds, champagne, green and many others. Each charm bracelet sports has real Murano glass beads. These beautiful charm bracelets have hanging chains and accent beads.


Finally, Earrings!

Firstly, Wordans has both hoops and studs available. The studs come in two different styles. The first is halo style cubic zirconia sterling silver halo earrings with a colourful centre crystal. These studs come in pink, champagne, green, blue, purple and many more.

Wordans also carries a wide range of studs. Studs range from 4.00-6.00 CTTW Swarovski element crystals and are cut in circle, square and heart shapes.

Finally, there is a WIDE selection of hoops available. Each sports a variety of embedded crystals. They are available in a multitude of colours and settings. These hoops are perfect for every outfit. The hoops have multi-coloured, two-tone and single coloured options.  Wordans carries 25 different options of these beautiful and lightweight hoop earrings. You can match a pair with any outfit. Jewellery has arrived at Wordans! Come take advantage of our deals.



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