Wordans: Getting through the Winter Warm

Getting through the Winter Warm

By Fashionista B

Winter is always a tough time of year, and getting through the winter warm is a challenge in Canada. Whether you are on the East Coast and dealing with high winds or West Coast with heavy snowfalls or central Canada with subzero temperatures. No matter where you call home, there is always a rough winter.

Getting through the winter warm is as easy as to finding the perfect place to spend the winter season indoors. With a nice hot fireplace, some coffee or hot chocolate, and good friends and family.


Unfortunately, we all have jobs and someone has to run out and get more hot chocolate. Finding the perfect winter coat is the only solution to keeping warm all season long.


Wordans carries a wide selection of coats for every season, including some great winter wear. My first pick for a winter coat is the Ash City North End Seam Sealed 3-in-1 jacket.

This coat is the perfect coat for all winter long. It has a polyester and nylon shell. Polyester is naturally hydrophobic, so it completely repels water up to 2,000mm. This material is also breathable so that you won’t overheat. Polyester is also stain resistant and naturally anti-microbial so that your coat won’t smell or stain from long usage. This coat’s 3-in-1 layering means you will be getting through the winter warm. This coat is available in both men and women’s sizes.


Secondly, is the Devon & Jones Midtown Fabric Jacket. This is my second favourite coat available with Wordans because it’s fabric exterior and interior are perfect for battling the humid cold. This coat boasts poly filling on the arms and body. This material is the same as fleece material, so you keep warm whilst staying dry. This coat is available in both men and women’s sizes.



My final choice is the Marmot Precip Coat. This coat is not the best coat by itself but is a fantastic waterproof shell. This coat, when matched with a fleece sweater will get many a person through the winter season nice and warm. Like my other choices, this piece is available for men and women.

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