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Baysville T-Shirts

Wecome to the Wordans Canada local page for Baysville Ontario, the Lake of Bays as well as the greater Miskoka area, home of custom designed Ontario t-shirts, custom ballcaps and much more. Until recently if you wanted to buy clothing and accessories or for that matter anything big, you had to head out of Baysville and go to the Mountainview Mall in Midland and if they didn't have what you were looking for, you would need to plan a day trip to Barrie.

You may have deemed this a necessary sacrifice in order to live among such picturesque beauty and in such a warm and welcoming community. Well, thanks to Wordans, you can now have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the same quality of product you can find in the shopping centres a number of kilometers away without travel and without lines, delivered to you in significantly less time than ordering from some huge national or international company would take thanks to the fact that everything is printed and shipped by our local affiliate printers

Let Baysville be your inspiration and Wordans be your tool

While you're sitting in the comfort of your Baysville home, surrounded by natural wonder, you can use some of that wonder to inspire the very custom t-shirts you are creating and ordering online through Wordans. Come to think of it, why not use the legend of the Lake of Bays Monster as your inspiration. If you think you have a good photo of the creature, why not take advantage of Wordans' generous bulk printing offers and create your own custom tees with that image on it which you can sell to tourists.

If you're not into sea creature lore or tourism dollars, you can just as easily have us print up some apparel with beautiful nature shots and because we all know it's not summer in Baysville Ontario year round (far from it), you can also print those shots of nature onto long-sleeved shirts or hoodies that you can use to take your nature walks in autumn.

No matter what you decide to do, the process is very simple. Just select your product from the top brands we deal with, upload your images (with or without supposed sea creatures) as well as your text and finally find yourself the best deal.

  • Up to 80% discount on bulk and corporate orders With hundreds of designs, colours and products to choose from, you can shop for everyone on your list with Wordans and save money doing so. No order is too big or too small. Find the bulk order discount or corporate deal that suits you best.
  • Same day delivery option Sometimes you need your shirts, caps, polos or hoodies right away. Wordans can help. All of our products are printed and shipped locally from our network of affiliate printers, so we can easily ship them to you via FedEx or Canada Post in 24 hours for an additional fee. Also, we have pickup locations in most major Canadian cities.
  • Specials for sports teams, family events, special occasions and more Wordans has products and printing options designed for various activities, groups and events. If you're part of an organization or running an event that needs custom apparel, Wordans can make you an offer
  • No Set Up Fees We never charge artwork or setup fees. With our inclusive prices, it's free to start your own online shop, and we make creating your own designs efficient and fun!


You can also contact us directly by email at: quotes@wordans.com or by telephone at: 1-877-286-2440

Our operating hours for Baysville Ontario and the surrounding area are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time

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