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Bolton T-Shirts

Welcome to the Bolton page of Wordans Canada, serving Bolton Ontario and the greater Calendon area. This is your one stop shop for all of your Ontario custom designed t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, tank top and other apparel needs.

Everyone who's ever lived in Bolton or even passed through it is aware of the natural beauty and warm, welcoming community. They're also aware that there is so much to do in the surrounding area if you don't mind a small, we're talking under 30 minutes, drive. 

You could take the whole family to Canada's Wonderland and ride the rollercoaster and other thrilling rides from morning till night. If rides are your thing, there's also the Woodbine Fantasy Fair. There are also three golf clubs in the vicinity: Nobleton Lakes, Glen Eagle and Copper Creek.

You can also spend the same amount of time driving to Vaughn Mills. Those promoting the place call it "a shopping experience" and it does have quite a bit to offer, but there is another shopping experience you can have without spending an hour in a car round trip and waiting in a line to make your purchases. In fact, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. It also allows you to create the products you want to wear: designing your own custom t-shirt with Wordans.

It's easy and affordable

Creating t-shirts that celebrate Bolton or whatever you want them to celebrate, say or show has never been easier. With Wordans, it's a three step process.

First, select the product you want to print on. Maybe it's a t-shirt, maybe a polo, maybe a hoodie or maybe even a hat. We offer all these and more from some of the top brands in the garment industry today.

Second, upload your images and text. This should be easy enough. Bolton and pretty much all of Ontario offer so much inspiration that finding the picture to use should be easy.

Third and finally, find the best deal. Wordans has digital printing and screen printing options. The most economical choice varies Depending on how many shirts you want and how you want them printed.

That's all you need to do, the rest is up to us.

Not convinced yet? Here's just a bit of what Wordans Bolton Ontario can offer you:

  • 24 Hour Express Delivery Available Since we print and ship all products locally through our network of local affiliate printers, we can deliver your custom shirts, caps and hoodies the next day for a small additional fee. We use Canada Post and Fedex for shipping and offer pickup locations in most major Canadian cities. 
  • Bulk and Corporate Discounts Offered on All Products With hundreds of designs, colours and products to choose from, you can shop for everyone on your list with Wordans and save money doing so. No order is too big or too small. Benefit from up to 80% in rebates for bulk and corporate orders!
  • No Set Up Fees We do not charge artwork or setup fees. With our inclusive prices, it's free to start your own online shop, and we make creating your own designs efficient and fun!
  • Tailored to Various Occasions and Groups Wordans offers products specifically designed for local sports teams, employees, families, events, vacations and special occasions. If your organization needs custom apparel printed locally, affordably and quickly without any loss of quality, look no further than Wordans!


You can also contact us directly by email at: quotes@wordans.com or by telephone at: 1-877-286-2440

Our operating hours for Bolton Ontario and the surrounding area are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time

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