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Corner Brook T-Shirts

Corner Brook Newfoundland is home to a vibrant arts and culture community and it's in such communities that custom designed t-shirts thrive. Welcome to the Wordans Canada page for custom-designed Corner Brook t-shirts and original custom Newfoundland apparel.

Centered around Memorial University's Grenfeld Campus, Corner Brook's arts scene thrives. There are local visual arts featured at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre and theatre, plenty of it, so much, in fact, that there was a need for The StageWest Theatre Festival.

One of the best ways to promote your visual arts or even your play is to have some of it featured on a t-shirt or another piece of custom apparel. Wordans can make this happen rather easily, quickly and affordably.


Three step process to promote your art

If you want people to see your art before they enter the gallery or hear about your play before they enter the theatre, just take a few minutes out of your day and let Wordans help you create your own custom t-shirt. It's only a three step process.

First, pick your product. We offer some of the biggest and most reputable brand names operating in the industry today. There are top-quality options like Gildan, American Apparel, New Balance and more.

Second, upload your images and text. Maybe a promo poster for your show or a photo of one of your most successful paintings will do the trick.

Third, find the best deal. If you're just looking for a few promo shirts to wear yourself and give to your friends, then digital printing might be right for you. However, make sure to choose screen printing if you want to take advantage of our deals on custom bulk printing.

You can even print up enough to sell at your shows and raise more cash than just a cover would. In the case of visual artists, why no leave your work on our site and let Wordans bear the printing and shipping cost when someone wants to order a print of your work, either on a t-shirt, a cap or even a poster. You profit regardless of the form.

If promoting your art or supporting local Corner Brook artists is what you want to do, then Corner Brook Plaza and Goodhouse Shopping Mall just don't cut it for your t-shirt shopping. Wordans does.

Here's just a little bit more of what we can offer you in Corner Brook:

  • Up to 80% discount on bulk and corporate orders With hundreds of designs, colours and products to choose from, you can shop for everyone on your list with Wordans and save money doing so. No order is too big or too small. Find the bulk order discount or corporate deal that suits you best.
  • Same day delivery option Sometimes you need your shirts, caps, polos or hoodies right away. Wordans can help. All of our products are printed and shipped locally from our network of affiliate printers, so we can easily ship them to you via FedEx or Canada Post in 24 hours for an additional fee. Also, we have pickup locations in most major Canadian cities.
  • Specials for sports teams, family events, special occasions and more Wordans has products and printing options designed for various activities, groups and events. If you're part of an organization or running an event that needs custom apparel, Wordans can make you an offer
  • No Set Up Fees We never charge artwork or setup fees. With our inclusive prices, it's free to start your own online shop, and we make creating your own designs efficient and fun!


You can also contact us directly by email at: quotes@wordans.com or by telephone at: 1-877-286-2440

Our operating hours for Corner Brook Newfoundland and the surrounding area are 10:30 am to 6:30 pm NFLD time

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