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Jerico 72 - Bamboo Stretch Ladies Empress Tee

Jerico 72 - Bamboo Stretch Ladies Empress Tee

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Description Jerico 72

Elevate your style in this Bamboo Stretch Ladies Empress Tee by Jerico. Fabricated from an optimal triple fabric blend composed of 67% rayon made from bamboo, 27% organic cotton, and 6% spandex, this performant top is ultra comfortable and soft to the touch. Perfect for day to day wear, whether you’re having a casual day or are looking to dress up, this tee is a great starting point for most outfits. Additional features that are sure to please include a slim fit, feminine mini capped short sleeves, a squared neck, an insert empire waist band, pre-shrunk properties, as well as embroidery friendly superior screen printing quality. This model comes in a cool selection of six bright and neutral shades. Available in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. Made in Canada.

9.0 oz.
Size 1-11 12-35 36-71 Stock Qty.
XS 24.75 $ 20.25 $ 18.00 $ 1000
S 24.75 $ 20.25 $ 18.00 $ 1000
M 24.75 $ 20.25 $ 18.00 $ 1000
L 24.75 $ 20.25 $ 18.00 $ 1000
XL 24.75 $ 20.25 $ 18.00 $ 1000
2XL 29.15 $ 23.85 $ 21.20 $ 1000
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Comments on Jerico 72

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Style and Comfort by
I love this style on me, it's perfect for my extra long torso. The shirt is very stretchy and comfortable, I can lounge in it or step out. The sleeves are just little, but I like that. It takes silkscreening very well to dress it up even more, and a large even area on the back for a large design. Great product for showing off your designs!

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