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Nunavut T-Shirts

This is the Nunavut page from Wordans Canada. If you're looking for custom Nunavut t-shirts or other custom apparel in Canada's newest territory, you've come to the right place.

While Nunavut does have a handful of retail stores, mostly in  the capital of Iqualuit, shopping in this region is done mostly online. Since there is quite a bit of competition for Nunavut's online dollar, people look to things like flexibility, affordability and efficiency to decide.

When it comes to t-shirts and other apparel, Wordans is infinitley flexible, very affordable thanks to the fact that we operate through a network of local affiliate printers and we're quick, too.


Three-step creation process

Our creation process is both easy and affordable. For starters, you should have a look through our collection of custom designs that are already available, chances are you'll find something you like. If not, or if you'd rather let your own creativity shine, then making your own custom-designed t-shirt is a a simple three-step process with Wordans.

First off, choose the product or products you want us to print on. Not only do we offer our customers a selection of some of the top brands in the garment industry (New Balance, Gildan, American Apparel) but we also have a selection of garments. It's not just short-sleeved tees with us, you can also customize long sleeve shirts, polos, hoodies and even caps and phone cases.

Second, it's time to upload your images and text. It could be something inspired by the natural beauty of Nunavut, maybe a shot something in one of the protected areas like Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island or Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island.

Third, find the best deal. If you're just clothes shopping for yourself or maybe some family or friends, then digital printing is usually the most affordable option. However, there are a few circumstances where screen printing may be better for you. If, for example, you're starting a sports team and need uniforms or maybe you want to take advantage of some of the natural beauty Nunavut has to offer and sell shirts for visitors, then we recommend taking advantage of our custom bulk printing offers, which are done on a screen.

If you're not convinced yet, here's just  bit of what Wordans has to offer:

  • Up to 80% discount on bulk and corporate orders With hundreds of designs, colours and products to choose from, you can shop for everyone on your list with Wordans and save money doing so. No order is too big or too small. Find the bulk order discount or corporate deal that suits you best.
  • Same day delivery option Sometimes you need your shirts, caps, polos or hoodies right away. Wordans can help. All of our products are printed and shipped locally from our network of affiliate printers, so we can easily ship them to you via FedEx or Canada Post in 24 hours for an additional fee. Also, we have pickup locations in most major Canadian cities.
  • Specials for sports teams, family events, special occasions and more Wordans has products and printing options designed for various activities, groups and events. If you're part of an organization or running an event that needs custom apparel, Wordans can make you an offer
  • No Set Up Fees We never charge artwork or setup fees. With our inclusive prices, it's free to start your own online shop, and we make creating your own designs efficient and fun!


You can also contact us directly by email at: or by telephone at: 1-877-286-2440

Our operating hours for Nunavut are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time

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