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Pants & Shorts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans is a wholesale company that sells pants & shorts in a variety of different brands, colors, and sizes. We deliver internationally, and you can switch to your own language on the website. As a result, we give customers from many countries the opportunity to view our products. Products that you can resell for your clothing store, or pants that you can buy for your own use. Keep reading to find out the details of our products.

Different materials for our cheap pants & shorts

With our comfy pants & shorts, you can have the perfect relaxing day. Our wholesale pants & shorts business also sells sweatshirts and hoodies. This means that you are able to score a full chill outfit. In addition, you will also look stylish, the perfect combination!

Our cheap sweatpants and shorts are mostly made from polyester and cotton. These materials are known for being breathable, non-creasing, and moisture absorbing. This is ideal when you want to exercise. To optimize your sports experience, we have different types of styles, such as waterproof pants and yoga leggings. You can also turn to our wholesale for multiple seasons. For example, in winter you could choose long pants and choose fleece shorts in summer.

Well-known brands 

Our pants & shorts come in 9 different brands. Think of the well-known brands like Champion and Puma, but also think of lesser-known ones like Team 365, Gildan, or Threadfast. We have chosen these brands with great care to provide you with the best quality products possible. Furthermore, these products are also available for your own brand if you buy these pants & shorts in bulk at our wholesale.

This allows you to print your own logo, company name, or pattern on them. Make them extra matching with a self-printed sweatshirt for example. This is an option for your own store, among others. Moreover, you can print these sports pants when you and your friends are going to participate in a soccer tournament, for example. Or for pupils of a class, when they go on a school trip.

Wholesale Pants & Shorts at a low price

Shorts & pants can be obtained cheaply from the wholesale business of Wordans. You can enjoy huge discounts here. Discounts can be high because when you buy shorts & pants in bulk, it only gets cheaper. If you are curious about these prices, you can go to a table under product information where the number of discounts is listed. In addition, the start screen of the product pages shows the overall discounts.

Available for everyone

Many of our products are unisex. In addition, the elastic band above the pants and at the ankles makes these pants accessible for different sizes and for men or women. Furthermore, our sizes range from XS to 4XL. We try to make our pants & shorts as available to everyone as possible. For example, we also have children's pants, the sizes range from small children sizes to sizes for older children.

On the website, you can find clear details about our products. For example, whether the pants have pockets, whether they can be washed in the washing machine, and you can choose the color of some pants. Think of red, green, black, gray, and blue pants.

Finally, at Wordans, an international textile company, you can find a variety of shorts & pants. Do you prefer pants from a brand or not? Do you want to chill or play sports with them? Will you use it for yourself or resell it for your business? Do you want to buy pants in a basic color, or rather a striking color? With our wide range, we believe there is something for everyone.