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Jackets wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Wordans is a textile company that provides wholesale jackets in a variety of styles. We deliver internationally, and our website is available in multiple languages. Among others, we sell jackets in Canada, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. This makes it possible for many people, regardless of country of origin, to get introduced to our appealing jackets. Besides that, our jackets are available in multiple colors, prints, and sizes. You can choose from many stores these days, and that could be overwhelming. Therefore, we have made a list for you why a jacket from Wordans offers so many advantages:

Personalized jackets

We have something for everyone. Do you prefer a green, black or a red jacket? With us, you have a choice of no less than 10 colors. Besides that, we offer our wholesale jackets in several types of styles. A fabulous body warmer or denim jacket in the summer, or rather a rain jacket in the fall? Finding the right jackets in Canada can be a challenge because the weather is very different by area and season. At Wordans you are at the right place if you are looking for a seasonal jacket.

Cheap jackets to resell

Our jackets do not have a print and some jackets have removable labels. This makes them extremely suitable for B2B. This is because it allows you to attach your own label to your jacket. What you can also do is print your logo, a drawing, or a piece of text on the jacket(s). So you can make your own jacket for your store. Or you can create a personalized jacket for your hockey team with one of Wordans’ sports jackets.

Moreover, if you purchase our jackets in bulk, you will benefit from substantial discounts. This way you can make a quick profit, the quality is not lost, but you get a discount. A win-win situation. When you click on a product from Wordans, you have the option to see the full cost summary, how many pieces are still in stock, and from what quantity you get more discount.

Good quality

We have chosen our products with great care. Therefore, you can choose between several brands. Such as Champion, CON, Devon & Jones, Marmot, Harriton, and North End.

In addition, our range of wholesale jackets offers you a choice of various materials. From polyester, and poly fleece, to nylon, you will have plenty of options. When you click on a product, you will see a comprehensive materials list and a list of features, for example when the jacket has an inside pocket. This way you know exactly what you are going to order. It is especially useful when you are planning to order in bulk.

Wholesale jackets for everyone

Picking a color, a print, or a model. It is important but the most important thing is that everyone is able to wear such a jacket. Therefore, we sell several sizes beginning with XS and ending with 6XL. The product details of the jackets can be found under the heading ‘size’. Here you can easily measure whether you have chosen the right size or not.

Because many of our products have 360-degree product videos, it is easier to see if a product will fit correctly. In terms of sizes, Wordans also has a children's collection and a unisex collection. Of course, as a woman, it is also possible to put on a male model or vice versa.

In short, you can customize our cheap jackets to your taste and sell them, for example, in your own store. Or enjoy a quality coat yourself!