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Customize and design your own t-shirts online and get your t shirt printing done for cheap with Wordans. We are the top tees design and printing company. Any type of logo, design, or image you want to have printed can be done online with our custom tees design tool. Use it now and make your own t-shirt.

From East To West Happy Canada Day !

Are you ready for one of the biggest annual patriotic event of our beautiful country ?
The 147th anniversary of Canada is tomorrow and Wordans took 2 minutes to find for you the best activities to do with your family.


Flag raising Ceremony (following by the Changing the Gard ceremony), 9:00 am, Parliament Hill

Canada Day noon show, noon to 1:30pm, Parliament Hill
(Brett Kissel,
British Columbia Boys Choir,
Marianas Trench,
Serena Ryder,
Terry Kelly
Véronic DiCaire.)

Canada Day evening show 7:30pm to 10:00 pm , Parliament Hill
Brett Kissel,
Daniel Lavoie,
Marianas Trench
Serena Ryder,
Véronique DiCaire,

President’s Choice Canada fireworks 10:00 pm, Parliament Hill


Ceremony and Military Band 11:00 am to 12:00 pm , Old Port Promenade

Inflate Village , 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Clock Tower Pier

Closing Show, 8h30 pm to 10h15 pm
(Michael MURPHYYunnamed-2
Luca “Lazylegz” PATUELLILuca
Pascale PICARD)

Fireworks, 10:15 pm, Clock Tower Pier

From East To West Happy Canada Day !



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WorldPride Toronto !

Hey pals! It’s WorldPride in Toronto !  Did you know that WorldPride is one of the biggest international queer events of our generation? The event started on june 20th and there’s a ton of activities to do! The programming includes different kinds of music shows, parades, performing art and dance parties! Wordans took two minutes to find for you the best shows and parties to go.

Ross Watson Exhibition, june 25, 11:00 am (IX Gallery 11 Davies Avenue #101, Toronto)

Play the parks with pride, june 24 to june 27, 12:00 pm (Trinity Square Park 10 Trinity Square)

Over the rainbow: seduction and identity, june 25, 11:00 am (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) 952 Queen Street West )

Trans March, june 27, 8:00 pm

Dyke March, june 28, 2:00 pm

Aqua’s Mega T-dance, june 28, 12:00 pm (Molson Canadian Yonge-Dundas Square 1 Dundas St E)

WorldPride Parade, june 29, 1:00 pm

Come out and show your PRIDE !


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Canada day

Hey there is only 5 days left before canada day ! You don’t want to wear a boring plain t-shirt for this huge party. Maybe it’s time to order a customized print !
Click here to order your customized t-shirt and use the promo code : canadaday2014 to get 20% OFF on your next purchase until july 2nd 2014 !


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Wordans was proud to be associated with the school foundation of NDG for their end of school year celebration ! 
Did you know that you can get 60% OFF for your foundation on an order of 50 t-shirts and more ?

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Custom BBQ aprons let everyone know who the chef is

bbq kingDo you love barbecues? Who doesn’t. They’re the perfect summertime leisure activity, especially where there isn’t summer year-round where you live. They’re a great place to kick back with family and friends and enjoy some great food.

But for some, the backyard BBQ means something else. It’s time to cook! It’s time to take pride in all the food prepared and joy in the faces of your friends and family as they devour burgers, dogs, brochettes, veggie delicacies like the Portabello burger, ears of corn and even steak and potatoes.

A great barbecue chef has their own tools of the trade: tongs, spatula and oven mits. They even bring these over to their friends’ houses when they have been named the cook of the particular event.

There’s one more thing a great BBQ chef needs: an apron. Not just any apron, but one that evokes their personality as an outdoor cook. Store-bought aprons just don’t cut it for the real backyard culinary artist. They need a custom-designed apron from Wordans.

Not only does the custom apron evoke the chef’s personality while protecting his or her clothing from the various spills that are an inevitable part of the BBQ game, it also acts as a deterrent against uninvited would be sous-chefs. The allure of the barbecue is great and people think they can just jump behind it, because at some parties without a designated chef, they can.

Creating your own custom designed BBQ apron lets everyone know who the chef for the night is. It’s your grill, your rules. In fact, that can be the slogan you put on your apron. If you’d prefer something more visual, that’s possible, too.

It’s actually quite easy to do. First, have a look at the custom barbecue designs we already have available for you to use. If something peaks your interest, then please feel free to use it. If you don’t find a BBQ design that works for you, don’t worry, you can create your own very easily.

bbq kiss the chefIt’s just three steps, actually. First you pick your product, we have quite a few quality aprons available from various companies. Next, upload any images and text you want to use. If you’re particularly good with graphic design, it’s a good idea to incorporate your text into an image. Third, find yourself the best printing deal possible. We offer screen printing and digital printing, so please shop around.

Then it’s time to start planning your menu, practicing your techniques and honing your burger flipping. While you do this, Wordans will be locally printing your apron and shipping it to you from a local affiliate printer in our network.

This process saves you both time and money without skimping on quality. You can even pick your apron up en route to the BBQ and save on delivery charges altogether as Wordans has local pickup locations in most major Canadian cities.

You’re the chef, it’s your grill and Wordans wants to help you remind everyone of that all too important fact.

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Celebrate Canada Day with a t-shirt from Wordans

Canada Day is right around the corner, but you probably already know that. After all, it’s the holiday that marks the real beginning of summer in Canada

Whether you like to display your national pride at one of the many parades, concerts, fireworks shows and other events that happen across the country, or you’d prefer to just kick back with some friends and family at one of the countless backyard barbecues that happen on this day, you’re ready for Canada Day. Well, almost ready. Have you thought about what you’re going to wear?

Since it’s summer, it’s too hot for long sleeved shirts, so while it’s time to wear your pride on your chest, those long-sleeved Team Canada jerseys just won’t cut it. This is most definitely t-shirt weather and Wordans has quite a few custom-designed Canada-themed t-shirt options for you to choose from. If you want to get a bit more specific, we have tees made just for Canada Day. You could also celebrate your country with a bit of civic or provincial pride. Wordans has quite a few designs dedicated to the various cities and provinces that make up Canada.

Of course, the best way to celebrate Canada is to throw a bit of originality into the mix. Why not think up how you can best convey your pride and create your own custom-designed Canada Day tee. With Wordans, it’s quite easy to do. In fact, it only takes three steps: pick your product, upload your images and/or text and then get the best deal possible.

And speaking of savings, Wordans also has a real sweet deal on bulk printing. So if you want to give everyone at your Canada Day party a shirt that celebrates everyone being together on this day that they can keep to remember it or if you’re planning a merch table at a public Canada Day event that you’re organizing in your community, then opt for screen printing instead of digital.

say eh canada day custom teesThe best part is that all Wordans products are printed and shipped locally. You see, we’re part of a global network of local affiliate printers, the first of its kind. Not only does that mean you will be celebrating Canadian business with your Canada Day purchase, but you will also be saving quite a few loonies and toonies in delivery costs.

This also means that you won’t have to wait that long to get your shirts. July 1st is in less than two weeks, so if you order in the next few days, you can be sure that you’ll get your Canada Day t-shirt purchases out of the way and in your hands, leaving enough time to plan the rest of your event or just kick back and relax.

You can also save time and money by grabbing your order in person at one of our pickup locations found in most major Canadian cities. Wordans makes Canada Day t-shirt shopping easy, which is the perfect way to ease into the Canadian summer.


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Summer is here and so is t-shirt weather!

summer t-shirtThe days are getting longer, vacations are getting closer and the beach or your local swimming pool is looking more and more like a possible destination for the day. Yes, summer is here!

Well, officially it only starts on June 21st, but that’s just a detail, the main sign of summer is here: it’s t-shirt weather! For those sporting a t-shirt under a sweater during the winter months, just waiting for when you can wear it as your one and only upper body covering, well, your time has come.

Be advised, though, others, pretty much everyone else to be honest, will be doing the same. This is when the t-shirt goes from being an accessory to the main piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

That means if you want to stand out as an original, as a true t-shirt person, you may want to re-think your plan to sport that favourite shirt of yours that has kept you company during the long winter months. Sure, you can still put it on around the house and from time to time when you go to the store, but you should really think of expanding your t-shirt wardrobe for when you go to a party, to the beach or even to your friend’s barbecue.

summer tshirt custom penguin surfboardSure, you can head to your nearest department store and pick what looks like an original choice, but not only will you be paying a bunch of money for a t-shirt, but your friends and people in your community probably all visited the same store and had the same idea, so much for originality. Wordans Canada has a way for you to get noticed as a true t-shirt person: custom designed tees.

You can pick a summer-themed custom designed t-shirt from our many available choices, but since all t-shirts are pretty much summer shirts to begin with, we have a selection of original custom tees with completely different themes. Still, though, the best way to have your say with a shirt is to design it yourself.

Use a pic of your favourite band, summer drink or be ironic and wear a picture of the beach to the beach. The sky’s the limit (and also potentially an idea for a summer-themed custom shirt)!

Wordans turns designing a custom tee into a simple three-step process:  choose your product, add images and/or text and get the best price. Why spend hours or even one hour in front of a computer making your shirt when it’s beautiful outside and the whole reason you want that shirt is to celebrate being outdoors.

Wordans Canada will also ship your shirt to you locally, from a local printer, no matter where in Canada you live. We even have a pickup location in most major Canadian cities so you can grab your shirt on the way to the party. Our prices are also quite reasonable, because after all, with so many other things to spend your money on in the summer, making your wardrobe more affordable makes the summer that much more enjoyable!



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A custom Father’s Day t-shirt for the dad who has everything

worlds best dad fathers dayFather’s day is coming up, it’s this coming Sunday, June 15th. Now, sons and daughters everywhere are asking themselves the age-old question of what to get dear old Dad, the man, who has, as far as they know, everything he could possibly want. The answer, this year, is simple: a custom Father’s Day t-shirt from Wordans.

Think about it, between Christmas, his birthday and father’s day, you’ve pretty much exhausted all of your good present ideas in multiple variations several times over. He probably has enough cologne to last him five more father’s days, he’s read all of his books from cover to cover and that rare single malt scotch? Well, it was rare the first three times you got it for him, by now, it’s pretty common and almost expected.

But how will a shirt change all this? He already has plenty of clothes. Well, it’s not just any shirt, it’s a custom-designed tee. That means it’s not something you can find in your average department store, or any store, for that matter.

worlds greatest dad custom tshirtLook through all the choices of custom designs created by Wordans customers and see if something would suit your pop on his special day. Maybe it will be a father’s day design or something else promoting his overall dad-ness, but it doesn’t have to be. Wordans has custom-designed t-shirts available covering just about any niche topic imagineable.

If you don’t find something he’d like or think you can come up with something better, you’re invited and encouraged to. After all, he’s your father, so who knows what type of shirt he would like better than you?

Wordans makes this easy for you. In just three simple steps you can create your own custom designed t-shirt: choose your product, add images and text and get the best price. Then your job is over and ours begins.

The Wordans affiliate printer nearest you will print your t-shirt and ship it to you. This means not only that you’ll be supporting local business, but also that you’ll  be saving money. And speaking of saving money, we’re running a promotion for the occasion: just enter FATHERSDAY2014 as a promo code and you’ll save 15% off your purchases.

If you’re wondering if there’s enough time to get your shirts before the big day, the answer is yes, but if you don’t want to take any chances, you can order express delivery or even come and pick your custom father’s day tees up in person at one of our pickup locations located in most Canadian major cities.

Wordans knows how important the right Father’s Day gift can be and how hard it can be to come up with something original for someone you’ve known, well, your whole life. You’ll always get it right when you’re in complete control of what you’re getting him and with Wordans you are.

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5 Reasons Why Custom T shirts Rock


T shirts will forever be a wardrobe necessity, so keep it fresh by making them fun and customizable!

Here are 5 reasons why custom T shirts beat store bought T shirts:

1. They fit you perfectly!

Customizing your own T shirt allows you to have a guaranteed fit!

2. They let you express yourself!

Expressing yourself isn’t as easy as it used to be so make a statement by creating your own T Shirt.

3. They stop you from showing up to a party in the same outfit as someone else!

Have you even shown up to a party wearing the same thing as a friend? If so, then you can make sure that it doesn’t happen again by customizing your own unique fashionable clothing!

4. They are fun and inexpensive

No one should have to go into the debt for looking cool and being comfortable! Creating your own T shirt is fun, fast, and very affordable. Design you own T shirt for less then $30.00.

5. They let you set the trends!

No need to worry about being late on a trend! Customizing your T shirts allows you to be the trend setter instead of the follower! It’s your turn to be the designer!

Check out Wordans to create your custom T shirt in just 3 easy steps!

Remember  “You Think it, We Print it!”

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