Keep your business warm with those jackets

Wearing the right jacket can be a determinant in order to create the right outfit. 

This garment evolved during the years, switching from a basic piece of clothing to a more fashionable one. As a matter of fact, in the nineteenth century, this garment was very popular and used for the dinners out with silk details in the front, also known as the “tuxedo”.

However, nowadays it is used for many purposes, for example as a sports jacket and blazer for instance. Choosing the right one for your business may be not easy, but we got your back!

Today at Wordans we want to show you the perfect jackets that you must incorporate into your clothing selection if you want to remain fashionable and appealing for your customers or even use it as workwear.


Women Sealed Padded Jacket – for Winter

Running a business requires also the capability to anticipate and meet your customers needs. So when it comes to choosing your core products, it is important to keep them into consideration. In order to do so, you should wonder: what do my customers want? What do they need? And finally, what do they desire the most? Of course, this also requires an appropriate market research. At Wordans we are here to help you create the right foothold to make it right.

There are some garments that are impossible to replace. Imagine walking around when it is windy, without owing something cozy and warm at the same time. For this reason, our first suggestion is to incorporate this Ladies Aruna Insulated Puffer Jacket, in your clothing assortment, also available in grey for men. It has 2 front zip pockets and 2 inside pockets and its soft grey is super elegant! 

Also, it might be personalised with the logo of your company.

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Unisex Parka – for Spring 

Nowadays, gender free clothing is a trend, and a fashion statement. Dressing up has a strong connection with the identity and the true self, and as so, it should not be criticized or judged.

Recently, even Gucci, Fendi, and Dior started following this pattern showcasing their unisex collections in the catwalks, to send a message of inclusivity. 

At Wordans, we embrace this belief, and we truly feel that companies, as well as people, should share this vision and propose gender-free products. 

For this reason, many of our choices are directed towards unisex collections and pieces so that every customer can choose freely and personalize our products! From hoodies to jackets. One example is this  Lightwear Jacket with 2 outside zipped pockets, super comfortable and suitable for spring! Also available in bigger sizes and different colors.

We suggest you incorporate this piece into your clothing line to make your customers feel that you do not stick to the rules and do not conform to those stereotypes. 


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Ladies Fleece Jacket – to stay at home

During this period we have been feeling stressed due to the situation, and sometimes it might have caused anxiety as well to many.

Recent studies suggest that the best way to cope with these feelings is to create a solid routine and take care of our balance spiritually and physically. For instance, wearing a nice and cozy at home outfit to carry on your favourite hobby might be a small habit that helps.

Even the luxury brands shifted their focus from the traditional pompous garments to creating comfortable lines. Even though this choice might reflect a mere market strategy, it is also a way to meet their customers’ needs. 

For this reason we suggest you do the same offering a wide range of cozy products to your customers. If you are looking for the best quality and affordable product this Ladies fleece Jacket is the ideal choice. With a fitted silhouette and a soft material to keep the body warm, your clients won’t be able to resist from buying it.


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Today we showed you 3 amazing jackets to incorporate into your business and make the step to succeed! Please let us know if you liked them at and follow us on @wearewordans for more inspiration.

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