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Wordans is the first custom shirt design company in Canada to print high quality apparel for individual use and wholesale. When we say quality, we mean the best quality! We offer custom apparel made from 100% organic cotton. Wordans offers environmentally friendly and organic t-shirts to print your designs on. If you are not sure what type of shirt you are looking for, be sure to check out our list of the most popular t-shirts.

T-shirts vs. Shirts: The 21st century clothing fight

T-shirts vs. Shirts: The 21st century clothing fight

In the right corner, we have the T-shirt. Popular clothing par excellence, it adapts to every trend and passing years while keeping its original youth.

In the opposite left corner, we have the shirt. Embodying class and sobriety, this garment has successfully diversified and developed its image as a cool piece of clothing.

To finally know who between the T-shirt and the shirt deserves its place on our chests, we have prepared a battle that should stay in the annals.

First round: Comfort

The contenders enter the ring and seem ready to face each other for the comfort round. The match starts abruptly, waiting for no one and each concurrent shows off its best shots. Unfortunately for the shirt, the T-shirt seems more in its element and quickly takes the lead. It brings to light its elegant simplicity which favours comfort. It follows with its speed that let it be put on in seconds. The shirt is pushed against the cords and endures this violent assault. It sustains difficultly the blows but tries anyways to replicate by pushing forward its quality and the softness of its fabric. The T-shirt dodges easily and masterly counters with his 100% cotton label. The shirt seems dizzy but doesn’t falter.

The bell rings announcing the end of the first round. The T-shirt started well the match, dominating its opponent with ease. Careful though, since the match is only at its beginning. The shirt looks ready to affront any challenges and success in sustaining all those punches without suffering too much.

Second round: Maintenance

second round shirt between t-shirt

After a short break where both participants got to catch their breath, the second round starts.

The T-shirt wishes to keep the match under control. It tries to influence the shirt into a maintenance battle, with success. It starts with a hanger hitting the shirt hard. It tries to replicate but the T-shirt is able to fold and doesn’t get hit. However, this doesn’t seem to down at all the now underdog of the match. Both rivals are head to head. Using the iron each at their turn, they’re both shook. A few seconds to the end of the round, they both attack on the washing temperature. None folds, but they each go back to their corner, completely drained.

Even with the lead the T-shirt gained at the beginning of the second round, the shirt is able to resist against all odds. It did even more by succeeding a few precise attacks. Now more than ever, the issue of the match is unknown.

Third round: Clothes’ elegance

The 2 opponents are face to face before the third round. The tension is palpable in the whole room and the public gets excited. The bell rings and the third round starts. Unlike the first two rounds, the shirt takes the lead. It lets all its elegance talk to worsen the T-shirt.

The shirt starts with a knock from its collar which the enemy can’t dodge with his own round collar. The shirt buttons up and associates with a tie and a suit jacket for its next blow. In the meantime, the T-shirt can only wait and prepare. The fateful moment arrives and the shirt unleashes all of its force on its adversary.

For elegance, the shirt is definitely stronger. This doesn’t prevent the T-shirt to make some good hits thanks to its plain colors and its adjusted and nicely cut form. It even tries with to go all in with a pocket at the chest level. However those combinations aren’t enough and the shirt keeps the lead.

Fortunately for the T-shirt, the gong goes off and it’s the end of this round.

Fourth round: Originality

finish fight shirt versus t-shirt

Both participants are out of breath. They benefit from their time out to sharpen their attacks.

The break is over and the battle starts again. Both adversaries have chosen the originality technique to close the match. The T-shirt seems to master this mode. It transforms in a custom T-shirts and changes its designs and patterns at a lightning speed. From funny drawings, to engaged message passing by retro visuals, it doesn’t leave any chance to the shirt. Its opponent is although tough and suggests trendy patterns. Plaid and floral prints follow each other. Even though its range is more limited, the shirt’s attacks are impressive.

There’s only a couple of seconds left to the match and both are giving their last efforts. The T-shirt uses variations of its form and puts a v neck while the shirt allies itself with new materials and adds pieces of fabric on the elbows and shoulders.

The match is over and the bell rings one last time. None of the adversary finishes K.O., the referee will have to decide who wins.

The verdict of the T-shirt versus Shirt’s match

After consultation, the referee comes back on the ring to announce the winner. It’s silence in the room while everyone waits. It is very difficult to predict the winner.

This match is a draw.

Apparently, officials couldn’t arrive at a decision between the two.

They found a compromise. This year, the chest will be clothed by a T-shirt partially covered by a casual shirt completely open. Both have earned to right to be seen and worn. It can’t however be an eternal solution and will quickl

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T-shirt : Art of color

Tastes and colors aren’t a subject of discuss. Based on that principle, Wordans gives you as many choices of colors as possible for your t-shirts. Even if you prefer flashy colors or the sobriety you get from darker shades, you’ll find your perfect match. Each color hides a signification underneath. To help guide you, we decided to explain to you the symbolic of each color.

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A t-shirt for every situation

Each day follows the next, but is never the same. Work, vacation, date nights… each requiring a different clothing style.
The t-shirt, often perceived as the most basic casual wear, is, in fact, incredibly versatile, and can be adapted to any need without difficulty.
If you thought there was only a single way to wear your t-shirts, Wordans will show you otherwise.

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Customiz T-shirt for all the character with Wordans

It’s hard to express your personality at first glance with clothing that is chain-made and lacking originality.

Skater young woman smiling on wall background

Wordans, very conscious of this problem, would like to help you assert yourself and express your creativity.  For this, we have put at your disposition a great t-shirt app you can use to create your designs, and print clothing that perfectly suits your taste.

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Yes, a T-shirt IS fashionable and here’s how

It’s not only the comfiest thing you can wear to get through the day, it’s also a fashion statement… If you choose it right! Here are examples of t-shirts perfectly blended with a fashion attitude. Take notes!

1. With a lace skirt




This clashing looks has some kind of harmony.

Found on HappilyGrey, photo by John Hillin.

2. Neutral tons


A soft palette, a fashion statement.

Found on Lookastic


3. Bright pants


A simple tshirt with some words and bright pants will change your look.

Found of Punky-B.


4. Accessories


Pimp your look with a hat, glasses and a necklace. You might be surprise by how great you look!



First picture found on Style Guy and second one on A Lifetime of Rain.

You will then be able to create your own and make people notice you at

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From East To West Happy Canada Day !

Are you ready for one of the biggest annual patriotic event of our beautiful country ?
The 147th anniversary of Canada is tomorrow and Wordans took 2 minutes to find for you the best activities to do with your family.


Flag raising Ceremony (following by the Changing the Gard ceremony), 9:00 am, Parliament Hill

Canada Day noon show, noon to 1:30pm, Parliament Hill
(Brett Kissel,
British Columbia Boys Choir,
Marianas Trench,
Serena Ryder,
Terry Kelly
Véronic DiCaire.)

Canada Day evening show 7:30pm to 10:00 pm , Parliament Hill
Brett Kissel,
Daniel Lavoie,
Marianas Trench
Serena Ryder,
Véronique DiCaire,

President’s Choice Canada fireworks 10:00 pm, Parliament Hill


Ceremony and Military Band 11:00 am to 12:00 pm , Old Port Promenade

Inflate Village , 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Clock Tower Pier

Closing Show, 8h30 pm to 10h15 pm
(Michael MURPHYYunnamed-2
Luca “Lazylegz” PATUELLILuca
Pascale PICARD)

Fireworks, 10:15 pm, Clock Tower Pier

From East To West Happy Canada Day !



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5 Reasons Why Custom T shirts Rock


T shirts will forever be a wardrobe necessity, so keep it fresh by making them fun and customizable!

Here are 5 reasons why custom T shirts beat store bought T shirts:

1. They fit you perfectly!

Customizing your own T shirt allows you to have a guaranteed fit!

2. They let you express yourself!

Expressing yourself isn’t as easy as it used to be so make a statement by creating your own T Shirt.

3. They stop you from showing up to a party in the same outfit as someone else!

Have you even shown up to a party wearing the same thing as a friend? If so, then you can make sure that it doesn’t happen again by customizing your own unique fashionable clothing!

4. They are fun and inexpensive

No one should have to go into the debt for looking cool and being comfortable! Creating your own T shirt is fun, fast, and very affordable. Design you own T shirt for less then $30.00.

5. They let you set the trends!

No need to worry about being late on a trend! Customizing your T shirts allows you to be the trend setter instead of the follower! It’s your turn to be the designer!

Check out Wordans to create your custom T shirt in just 3 easy steps!

Remember  “You Think it, We Print it!”

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Organic isn’t just for food: Wear your health with Wordans

Sure, it’s great to eat organic food that hasn’t been saturated in toxic junk. But have you ever considered the benefits of taking those healthy choices into every aspect of your life? Wordans brings you organic custom t-shirts with Anvil!

Your skin is the biggest organ of all, remember? Keep that in mind when you’re draping yourself in polyester leisure suits or squeezing into Spandex onesies or whatever else it is that you’re doing wrong with your life.

Wordans keeps it real, and we want you to do more than just eat a couple organic apples and call yourself a vegan.

We offer 100 percent organic products, like the sustainably-made  brand, Anvil. With organic products, the quality is a lot higher, and the care that goes into making your organic shirts is evident, when you are able to wear it for 10 years! Then you know what you can do? Put the thing in the compost and know it won’t hurt the earth.

What does organic mean, exactly? It means that whatever you’re eating or wearing has not been drenched in pesticides, filled with additives, or saturated in harsh chemical dyes and industrial solvents. Do you really want all that pressed against your bare flesh, anyway? Think about it.

Yesterday was Earth Day. Like Scrooge getting a Christmas wake up call by some creepy ghosts, Earth Day should have that same effect on us and shake us from our synthetic shoes, helping us remember to care when it comes to what, and how much, we consume.

Did you know that inability to focus, rashes, allergies and respiratory problems can all be caused by wearing gnarly mall-made clothes covered in chemicals? Never thought about it like that before, didja! Dude, go organic already!

As organic becomes higher in demand, more styles are being made available; sure, that’s nice, but that’s old news with Wordans! We’ve always given you the option to have cool custom designs, and the ability to create the look you want.

Now we give you the option to go organic, and look good doing it!

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Happy Earth Day from Wordans!

It’s Earth Day, and Wordans wants to celebrate with you. Earth Day has been going on since 1970, and is a crucial reminder to appreciate our Earth, to remember where we are, and to clean up our messes.

But why not make every day Earth Day? Wordans doesn’t just offer organic T-shirts once a year; offering organic products all year round, keep the earth in mind with sustainable practices that give Planet Earth a hand.

You might wonder how a T-shirt can help spread awareness, but what’s better broadcasting that you love the planet then wearing it on the front of your shirt?

And, as always, with Wordans you can design your own looks, colours, custom fits and images to keep your look as unique as the rest of your life.

You can even make your life an example by the way you shop, by choosing eco-friendly companies and by choosing earth-friendly products and organic threads.

Don’t go to the mall and buy more sweatshop-made crap for 2 dollars. Besides, you get what you pay for, anyway.

Get more bang for your buck by investing in durable brands you trust, from businesses that actually care. Go organic on Earth Day, and every day; with Wordans, you can.

Put a reminder to yourself and to everyone else to love Earth, to not be a slob, to treat the open world like you would your personal bedroom. Would you throw trash all over the floor of your house? (Some of you will probably answer yes to this question. Gross.)

But to those of you who are not disgusting, good for you. Reward yourself with an organic t-shirt from Wordans. We also offer awesome bulk discounts, if you feel like bringing your friends and family in on the celebration.

Happy Earth Day from Wordans!













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