The NEW website is up! And just in time for spring

So I am really excited to announce that has launched a new website! Yes, it is our 3rd try and yes I am confident that this version will be an even greater success. Any of you who are familiar with the ‘old’ version of has probably been frustrated at some point by it’s confusing navigation or overloaded by all it’s banners and colours. Our motto this time around – clean and simple!

Create your custom t-shirts online!

New home page!

What’s even more exciting is our BRAND NEW T-SHIRT APPLICATION!
Lots of new features and a new look!

Personalize your t-shirts

New T-Shirt Designer

And for anyone wanting to open a free shop to sell t-shirts online, we’ll we’ve updated that system too!

Some of the Shop additions include:

  • A Dashboard menu that simplifies navigation
  • You can now upload up to 5 designs at once
  • Manage your products with less clicks and less loading time
  • Track your earnings with a fancy chart
  • We have integrated a fully functional category management system
  • We’ve added weekly notification that will let you know when you sell t-shirts or designs

We will be updating our shop system regularly with new features and the new Flash application for creating products will be online next week. As always, our shop system offers unlimited product inventory and is free of charge! So open a your online store today!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal clients and affiliates for their support, suggestions and patients. We are a small Canadian company growing bigger and bigger everyday thanks to you guys. So, THANK YOU!

Visit Wordans V3 and let us know what you think!
We take your suggestions seriously so email us if you have any ideas on how to make even better.


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No. I'm right!

I’m a sucker for clever advertising and I think that the Scotiabank “I’m Right” commercial is great! I think every man and woman in Canada can relate to the triumph and elation the guy in the ad felt when told by a third party, in front of his spouse, that he’s right. Not his wife. He is. So funny. Very effective marketing.

The design is increasing in popularity on And the funny thing is, I’d say about as many men are getting one as women. Go battle of the sexes!

I'm Right - for ladies

I could just picture my boyfriend wearing one under another t-shirt one day and reveiling that “he’s right”… on one of those very rare times where he is actually right ;)

I'm Right - for men

Take advantage of the Saint Patrick’s Day sale to get 15% off your “I’m Right” t-shirt. Just enter the promotion code Irish when you check out.

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Thank your lucky charms, Wordans help you create unique Saint Paddy's Day t-shirts!

Saint Patrick’s Day is but 15 days away. Did you know that Montreal has had the longest running parade in all of Canada? Since 1824 we’ve celebrated with a yearly parade. In the US, the longest running parade has been in Boston (shocker!). Yep, they’ve been true to their tradition since 1737!

This year, the Montreal parade will be held on Sunday, March 14th at noon, along Ste-Catherine street, starting at Fort. You can get more information here. Here are links to other parades happening across Canada: Toronto, ON, St. John’s, NFLD, Quebec City, QC and Ottawa, ON. Normally there’s one in Vancouver too, but the Vancouver Paralympic 2010 games will be on.

Girly Shamrock

Everyone is Irish on Saint Paddy’s Day, so what will you be up to? Do you go all out and deck yourself in green? Drink beer at an Irish pub? Go to the parade with the kids? If you do, you’ll need a t-shirt. AND we’re offering a 15% discount on your order. Simply use the code “Irish” when you checkout. Get one for everyone you’ll be celebrating with. They can all be the same, of slightly different. The possibilities are endless! Come to and create something super creative and unique for Saint Patrick’s Day 2010.

I personally like things a bit more low-key. A quote from a famous Irish author would be nice.

I like these two from James Connolly (the second one reminds me of Canadians too):

Apostles of Freedom are ever idolized when dead, but crucified when alive.

The Irishman in English literature may be said to have been born with an apology in his mouth.

Here’s are two from Robert Wilson Lynd:

Knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts not to bother with.

Life, it seems to me, is worth living, but only if we avoid the amusements of grown-up people.

But I must admit, there’s something about a graphic t to drive the sentiment and feeling home. Here are a few other suggestions:

Kiss me I'm drunkish

Shamrock & crown

So what’ll it be? Feel free to leave a comment here, Tweet us at or leave a comment on our new Fan Page wall!

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