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You have the choice of browsing some of the coolest sports, vintage, logo tshirts, funny t shirts and sexy shirts other users have designed. We ship worldwide and offer exclusive deals for those ordering from Canada, we also ship to USA, UK and Australia. Unlike other custom clothing and printing companies, we offer cheap custom t-shirts using the best fitting body wear from American Apparel and more.

Puns intended on a t-shirt: yay or nay?

There are tons of puns (intended or not) on t-shirts over the vast Internet. Here are a bunch of our favourites! What’s cool is that you can create your own at Will you be able to top our fabulous creation?




Found on Look Human



Found on Food and Wine




Found on Buzzfeed





Found on Etsy




Found on Wordans


And this is ours! Can you create a better one? Let’s find out at


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 17.16.46

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How to say goodbye to your favourite Vintage T-shirt


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned vintage T-shirt that’s been worn a million times. There’s just something about the faded dull color that creates a soft and comfortable look on everyone. While vintage T-shirts are an essential piece of every wardrobe there still comes a time when they need to be tossed into the trash.

We at Wordans understand how a T-shirt can be more then just physically comfortable or visually pleasing. We know what it feels like to wake up and put on your favourite T-shirt (even though it has a rip or a stain on it). We know what it’s like to wear your old T-shirt around the house but then “forget” to change it when it’s time to go somewhere. And we too have pretended that our T-shirts got caught in our zippers and created a hole right before arriving to a restaurant, or that we spilt our coffee “literally one second ago”.

It’s ok to wear your vintage T-shirt “one last time” but just make sure that you don’t make a habit out of it. If you are having a hard time saying goodbye to your favourite vintage or printed T-shirt that clearly is no longer wearable, then try this:

1- Wear your T-shirt one last time.

2- Wash your T-shirt, fold it, and put it back in your closet.

3- Shop around for a new high quality T-shirt like an organic cotton one, a Gildan one, or one from American Apparel – just make sure it’s ether very special or customized.

4- Take it in your closet, rip off the tag, and put on your new Tee.

5- Immediately through your old T-shirt into the trash.

Check out our vintage styles here.

create your own personalised t shirt


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Get Cute: it’s Easter!

Easter is all about bunnies and chicks and painted eggs and…custom t-shirts! Wordans is full of ideas this Easter, and if you’re looking for a seasonal gift, it doesn’t get much better than putting a Jesus bunny on a t-shirt.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, holiday shirts are always in. (Hint: Grandmas love to see their grand kids running amok, searching for eggs on the lawn, rocking an “I Love Grandma, and it just happens to be Easter” shirt.)

But if you’re getting tired of another custom t-shirt (which is impossible: they’re custom. You make them different every time, that’s the idea) then why not branch out? ‘Tis the season to be getting creative, after all. If you’re not painting eggs, you’re filling easter baskets. If you’re not creating an elaborate, pain-staking, mind boggling easter egg hunt for the kids, then you’re filling the house with creepy rabbits and pastel-coloured trinkets. Obviously this takes a lot of energy and some serious creative expertise.

Wordans is easier than all that nonsense. Put your feet up, relax, kick back, and use our 3-click design tool. Put something cooler than calories in the easter basket this year, and keep the rabbits confined to the shirt-front.

Additionally, boiled eggs are weird. They smell. You know what smells good? The fresh scent of a brand new cotton t-shirt. Wordans uses Gildan and American Apparel. You love Gildan! And American Apparel is cool! Stop putting food colouring on boiled eggs! That’s gross. Get onto your computer and put some cute egg pictures on an awesome t-shirt. Doesn’t that make more sense? Yes.

It’s Easter. It’s about being cute. Bunnies. Chicks. Custom t-shirts! Wordans loves Easter, and we’ll help you start loving Easter too.

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T-shirt design of the Day

Nasty Game – from Nasty TEES

Nasty Game - Nasty TEES

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How a Custom T-Shirt is Made

How a Custom T-Shirt Is Made



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Photo Recap of Festival de Mode et Design 2013

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Custom Gifts for your Professor or Teacher

Funny Professor Custom Gifts

Searching for gifts for a teacher or professor can be a challenging process. However, by putting some thought into it and creating or shopping around for custom gifts that will interest your professor, you should have little trouble coming up with great gift ideas for them. If you’re familiar with your professor on a personal level, then you’re one step ahead of the game, since you will be able to cater your gifts based on their interests and hobbies.

However, if you’re not close to the professor, then you can still shop for gifts based simply on the subject matter that he or she has chosen to teach. For example, if you’re shopping for a Geometry professor, then you’ll want to create or select a design that relates to mathematics, geometry or numbers.

Next, it is important to remember that your professor is a regular person. In other words, don’t pressure yourself to get the world’s greatest or most expensive gift in order to be appreciated. By taking some pressure off, you’ll be able to get down to business much quicker and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. Also, do not underestimate the power of a gag gift that can be used in the classroom. Similarly, something as simple as a funny custom t-shirt that you designed or selected can go a long way as well.

If you want a quick gift solution, it may be easier to shop based on a specific subject your professor is interested in. If there interested in environmental science for example, you may want to choose t-shirts that are made with 100% organic material. If your professor teaches astronomy, you could create a Custom Poster using the Wordans web App for an eye-catching poster or wall decal.

Nearly all professors drink coffee regularly, so creating and ordering a custom coffee mug is always a good option. To personalize the mug, you can have a funny message or relevant symbol (school crest, basketball team logo …) engraved on the coffee mug. For more sleek and complex gifts that your professor may enjoy, you may want to visit Wordans’s general marketplace to see what quirky and exciting gifts you can create or come across. Of course, to top everything off, you can purchase a funny or meaningful sticker collection to go along with the gift. Hope your prof enjoys.

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Custom Merchandise and Apparel for Bands, Artists and Touring Acts

Odd Future Merch Table

We know that merch booths are very important for touring artists – any band or artist, big or small, has a merch table at their show and hopefully an online boutique. If you think about it, there’s been a merch table at the majority of the shows you’ve been to. This makes it one of the most important parts of an entertainers career. It doesn’t only help artists create a new revenue stream but it also enables them to turn their fans into walking, talking – and in many cases screaming – adverts or “brand ambassadors” for their brand, hence helping promote them anywhere and everywhere they go.

 Here are a few tips:

What merch should you make?

The typical apparel and merch pieces such as custom t-shirts,hoodies, posters, stickers and more are always a no brainer and good way to start. We’ll talk about how to develop and create those items later on in this post. Although I suggest typical merch items, I strongly urge you to get extremely creative with this apparel, use humor, be provocative, be unique, do what it takes to have your fans like your merchandise/clothing line as much as they like your sound!

Consider these fun things to create and sell: custom stickers, posters, iPhone cases or printed art that are representative of your brand. You can even reach out to an artist from your circle or one that inspires you to help you design your clothing line and merch items. We all have a friend that loves to draw or scribble a piece of art on a notepad corner…why not help that friend leverage your bands influence and start a design career themselves?

Also follow the trends and technology that influence your market, create custom iPhone cases and iPad cases to include to your merchandise. You wouldn’t want to leave your geek fans aside?

Limited edition t-shirts, hoodies and collections are a great way to please the die-hard fans that want that particular piece that no one else can get.

Many of these options are scalable and cost efficient which will in turn allow you to sell them to your fans at affordable prices. This will help your band and merch brand gain clout rapidly, so make sure your creations have an identifiable and unique style that defines them. The unique features of a design are what create a strong demand and emotional attachment, do it properly and it could possibly open up new markets for your music as well.

Getting it Done !

You have some really cool options in today’s tech world for creating and selling your merch; you can design your merch using a service website like – Such a platform allows instant merchandise creation thanks to a user-friendly platform, this online interface requires a minimal knowledge of technology and design.  If you have a logo, artwork, or even plain text you can easily include it on the items or apparel you choose (hoodies, tank tops, phone cases, stickers, even coffee mugs). Within minutes you will be able to create your online boutique/shop and start managing your sales through the Wordans tools and user-friendly interface.

Regardless if you have an online shop already set up on your blog/website, I suggest you make an online shop with Wordans as well, this will help you increase your band/brand’s online visibility. When you direct your fans to buy merch, they can be directed to your personalized Wordans boutique e.g.:, this allows you to focus on making music and touring, while Wordans professional team takes care of the details like printing, customer service and shipping for you. This eliminates a lot of challenges that artists and their road managers would traditionally face such as inventory management. We go beyond that by allowing you to set your own prices on items, giving you the freedom to choose your markup price and feature in our general e-store.

Golden Merch Rules

Before you jump into creating your official merchandise, make sure you define the following elements, this leverage the potential of your merch project!

• Define your budget

• Ask your fans what they want, consult them on designs and get them involved

• Look for the best value

• Offer a range of prices and products

• Create good quality artwork and get informed about formats, materials  etc..

 For more info : is a one-stop solution for custom t-shirts, apparel and accessories. Specialized in Silk Screening and Direct to Garment production. allows its community to create a single personalized product or an entire brand through its user friendly interface. Which in turn they can order and/or publish their work online to sell through a portal/back-office as their online store.


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T-Shirt of the Day!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s t-shirt of the day is super exotic… Just like the summer temperature right now! Have you been seeing some Pineapples all over this season? And by pineapple, I mean pineapple prints or shapes? They seem to be pretty much in fashion lately… From H&M, to J. Crew, to Saint Paul, to Fashion bloggers, and to…. Wordans! Get your Pineapple print t-shirt NOW starting at only 16.95 $ !

GET 15% OFF! Apply ” TSHIRTOFTHEDAY2013  ” coupon code at checkout!

TSHIRTOFTHEDAY1 tshirtoftheday1-




As seen on J. Crewpineapple6

As seen on Saint Paul Summer 2013 LookbookpineapplebagH&M Pineapple bag as seen on Fashion Blog Querellespineapple3Pineapple T-Shirt as seen on H&M Summer 2013 Collectionpineapple1As seen on Jewelry brand Jane & Ryes Summer 2013 Lookbook

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