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The Best Activewear For Your Business

On a scale of one to ten, clothing is one of the most basic human needs; show me a man in need of food and shelter, and I’ll show you a thousand more in need of clothing. So one of the tips on how to stay in business as a business person is to research […]

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Find High-end Style For Your Business

Everyone has different tastes in fashion, but no one can be judged for their fashion choices, and no one seems to be doing anything without a justification these days. The good thing is that the world is diverse and multifaceted, and you can always find your style. Therefore, customers who are sophisticated and discerning should […]

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Functional backpacks for everyday use

Backpacks are analogous to the food we eat, both of which are required. You’re probably wondering why we’re comparing bags to food that man needs to survive.  Statistics show that the global market value of the same is around 13.9 billion US dollars in 2020, down from 17.3 billion US dollars the previous year due […]

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Prepare your business for Back to School

The holiday is over, but life goes on; the vacation is over, the fun continues; the summer is nearly over, and sales continue. Have you considered how you can continue to sell? A businessperson’s approach should be to constantly be in business, regardless of the time or season. Having a target audience all year is […]

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Create your merchandise with Wordans

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “dare to be different” before. Have you ever wondered what the phrase means? If you answered no, you probably don’t like change. Being unique does not necessarily imply that you are doing something novel because someone else has the same ideas you do. The difference is mainly in the […]

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3 ways to create your summer sales

I tried to sleep this faithful morning, but my niece wouldn’t let me; she kept shouting, “It’s summer, it’s summer, it’s summer!” So then I dragged myself out of bed and asked her, “What’s the big deal about summer?” Then she rolled her eyes and asked, “You don’t know what’s exciting about summer?”She said summer […]

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Hot summer sales at Wordans!

Summer is already here, therefore at Wordans we decided to raise the temperature even more and offer you outstanding summer sales for our blank apparel selection in order to make you succeed in your next summer collection! In fact, the holiday mood is already on, and most of the people start heading towards the mountains […]

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3 essential items for your S/S collection

Creating a new collection can be challenging for a fashion business. There are many important factors to consider, such as colour combinations of the garments, sizes, and product availability.  For this reason, it is important to start by taking the right inspiration that is gathered from visual contents, ideas, colour forecasting.  At this point of […]

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Keep your business warm with those jackets

Wearing the right jacket can be a determinant in order to create the right outfit.  This garment evolved during the years, switching from a basic piece of clothing to a more fashionable one. As a matter of fact, in the nineteenth century, this garment was very popular and used for the dinners out with silk […]

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Customizable sports equipment : Champion

In any business, having a corporate image it’s something important. Knowing the importance this has nowadays, we strive to offer the best products to cover all your company’s needs. Sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, and many other items are available for customization on Wordans Canada. Today we introduce a brand that doesn’t really need an introduction, since […]

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