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How to shop smartly during Black Friday

Compulsive shopping is something very common when it comes to sales period. It’s very difficult to control ourselves from succumbing to all the amazing deals we see everywhere… But you don’t have to! Black Friday is a great opportunity to save some money if you purchase in a smart and strategic way. And for those […]

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What to purchase on Black Friday

Black Friday has become so popular in the last decades all over the world. As many of the events we celebrate worldwide, it is one of those American exported traditions that connect the idea of festivity with commerce. Black Friday is the day that follows Thanksgiving in the US. And it’s the day that announces […]

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3 Looks for a job interview depending on the company type

One of the most stressful things you can face, besides the nerves of a job interview, is deciding what to wear. It might seem easy, but it’s not. We’ve been told that a blazer and a shirt are the correct option. But the truth is that, over the years, the professional world and the way […]

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Our printing favorite items depending on your company

In the 1950s and 1960s a new form of expression related to fashion appeared: the printing on clothing and accessories. People started trying new ways of expressing themselves, their feelings, through powerful images and messages. In the 70s, it became a great way to advertise all the world’s problems, everything people wanted to stand up […]

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A personality a bag

Just imagine how our lives would be without bags. They help us to carry our lives. From when we are kids until we grow up and go to the office. Even in our personal lives, by traveling or going on small adventures with our loved ones. They help us to create memories we’ll never forget. […]

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4 outfit inspirations to get the perfect Halloween costume!

It is official, Halloween is around the corner! Dressing up with funny and unusual Halloween costumes and eating sweets is just another way to celebrate with your friends. But this means that you have to start brainstorming about your costume. Will it be too scary, too funny, or just too much? Every year it is […]

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Cozy Threads: A Special T-shirt For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Pink October, and when Filip and Diego from Cozy Threads reached us out with an amazing project in mind, we were really happy to help. They are two high school students from Vienna, Austria, that started a clothing brand as a school project for a subject that required creativity. Their school is a non […]

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Meet Irene Peipoch: A voyage from handcraft to customization

Nobody said that talented people are only found in the big cities. Taradell is a small town located in the interior of Catalonia. That area, a bit far from the famous Barcelona, still maintains its traditional spirit and handcraft. The most amazing thing about towns is that they have this familiar atmosphere, where almost everybody […]

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Fashion is art: An interview with Charles Lyautey

Art is one of the things that is essential to being human. It is an expression of our deepest selves and our experience of the world around us. It has the magical power to draw people in and lose themselves. It’s a beautiful way in which we connect to the world around us and identify […]

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Workout Looks For Women

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many people nowadays. Some are born with it, have been practicing sport their whole lives, and they always find time to enrol a team, go to the gym or just have a nice run. After the Covid-19, and facing a lockdown that no one expected, others have […]

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