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Textile customization techniques

Embroidering, flocking, screen printing… do you wish to have your articles customized, but don’t know what’s the difference between all these techniques? Would you like to know which customization method best suits your products? Because at Wordans we consider that the choice of the customization technique is just as important as the choice of the […]

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Jewellery has arrived at Wordans

Jewellery has arrived at Wordans By: Fashionista B Fashion jewellery has arrived at Wordans! Wordans Canada is finally able to offer it’s clients an assortment of fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Fashion jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit. Having the perfect dangling pendant necklace. Wearing a ring that matches the colour of your […]

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Wordans: Getting through the Winter Warm

Getting through the Winter Warm By Fashionista B Winter is always a tough time of year, and getting through the winter warm is a challenge in Canada. Whether you are on the East Coast and dealing with high winds or West Coast with heavy snowfalls or central Canada with subzero temperatures. No matter where you […]

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Wordans: A Little Touch of Modernity

A Little Touch of Modernity By: Fashionista B Do you want to add a little touch of modernity to your living room? There is some amazing modern trends happening in modern furniture. My favourite trend in living room seating is the blending of old classic designs with modern fabrics, prints and flairs. I have hand-picked […]

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Wordans: Picking the right fabric for you

Picking the Right Fabric for You By: Fashionista B Ever wonder what the qualities of certain fabrics are? Why do some stain and others just wide away? After some research, I found some great basic information about three popular winter fabrics: Cotton, Polyester and Fleece. Once you know the qualities of each fabric, you are […]

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Wordans: Winter Fitness

Winter Fitness By: Fashionista B Alright, Ladies and Gents, it’s time to admit it….it’s winter. Tis the season to stop exercising, eat some tasty foods to build up your winter fat stores and cuddle under cosy knit sweaters. WRONG! Don’t be like every other Canadian, like my friend Chippy here… It is more important than […]

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Wordans: Making the Basics Work

Wordans: Making the Basics Work By: Fashionista B I always say “every wardrobe needs to have the basics in order to work.” Basics are those pieces that never really get put away during the winter or summer season. They are the building blocks of every casual wardrobe, the bottom layer of office wear, interviews, evenings […]

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Wordans Guide to Canadian Layering

Wordans: Layering in Canada By: Fashionista B  Wordans is working to put together fashion lines specifically for Canadians and Canadian weather! We Canadians, old and new, always struggle to get through the winter without looking like abominable snowpeople! Sometimes on cold days, we think the more layers the more warmth, however, there is a technique to […]

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Introducing: A Whole New Furniture Collection!

We at Wordans as always looking to renovate our offers and are also proactively on the thinking of  ways to help our customers better. With that said we are proud to introduce our brand new Furniture Collection that is now available for all our Canadian customers! There are so many brand news items in store, from chairs, tables, […]

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Printing Techniques Series: Transfer Printing

Welcome back, we’ve missed you! If you’re thinking of starting a new business or expanding your current one, then we might have and idea for you. Today we are going to talk about another printing method in this industry – as you migh be getting used to so far! Our forth entry to this series […]

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