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The Top 5 Summer Time Style Guide

Turn up the heat as we leave the spring behind us. In this guide, we are going to show you the top five peices you can wear this summer as chosen by us. If you are looking for a money saving summer style, then we’ve got the tips to get you started! 1. Bella+Canvas 3406 – Wideneck T-Shirt […]

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Halloween is in two weeks!

Halloween is a holiday where everyone likes to get dressed up and play sorcerers and witches. And what if, for that special occasion, you would sit down with your friends or children and create a unique design would bring in a little spice… for the pumpkin? You should bet on a custom design that will […]

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Discover our customizable clothing in 48h

It’s a strong will on our end: to offer you extremely shirt deadlines for your emergencies. In a maximum of 48h, you can, after having designed your t-shirt, receive it or have it shipped to a desired address. With a lifestyle that’s at 100 km/h, we have to adapt ourselves and accelerate the production and […]

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Warehouses located all across the globe, quality guaranteed

At Wordans we only have one objective: satisfy your needs wherever you are with our warehouses located across the planet. With such a presence, we can guarantee you a high quality service for your order and shipped directly to your door with express shipping. Trendy items   By going on our create your own part […]

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Brands for every tastes

You are looking for clothing, but you do not wish to stick to one brand only. You do not wish to closet yourself in one single fashion and would like to discover different options complete enough so that the entire family can find its happiness. By looking at a great variety of brands at Wordans […]

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Become a Wordans reseller and ease your end of months

You are looking for an extra revenue so that your end of months are not as tight? Or you have a personal project, a trip to plan or material that needs to be bought, which you would like to achieve without asking the bank? What if you would become one of our many partners or […]

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Wordans offers to help you designing

Because at Wordans we believe that customer satisfaction does not stop at clear invoice, we intend to go way beyond that. That is the reason why, when you wish to create your own custom design on the products that we have to offer, we help you through the process. This help consists, at first, by […]

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Wordans delivers the best products, wherever you may be located.

One of many advantages of doing business at Wordans is that you can order your custom outfit for yourself, your family or your business and have it shipped to any city, region or country in the world. An international presence Wordans is established in many continents in order to propose an optimized territorial network. Benefiting […]

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The Gildan 5000, our reference product!

In our willingness to always offer you high quality products, we have selected for you the Gildan 5000. This garment, comfortable and customizable, brings an answer to many needs for individuals as well as for businesses. The Gildan t-shirt adapts to you Whether it be for men or women, this model available in all sizes, […]

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Our organic products for every tastes

With Wordans, you will not only find great deals to dress up your family, you will not only be content by placing an image or a message on custom t-shirts, you will also make a great effort toward a greener world by choosing organic products. Environmentally friendly Taking action for the environment should be an […]

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