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Waterproof Pants & Shorts wholesale and retail

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Waterproof Pants & Shorts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Wordans waterproof pants are specifically designed for outdoor and leisure activities like walking, jogging, running, hiking, rock climbing, and spelunking. Our wholesale, cheap, and bulk waterproof pants and shorts are designed to make your active experience more comfortable and indeed more enjoyable, by limiting the impact that any level of moisture will have on your athletic performance.
However, you might also want to purchase waterproof pants & shorts wholesale and retail, purely for practical reasons, beyond just looking good or stylish when matched with some of the best T-shirts that we have available in our stores.
You might choose to wear our waterproof sweat wholesale offerings, for example, if you just live in a cold and wet environment. Some of our waterproof pants and shorts will also be fantastic options as a form of workwear, especially in intense environments where moisture build-up could be a life-and-death business.

Wordans Cheap Waterproof Pants and Shorts Are Resistant To Dirt

Wordans waterproof pants and shorts are particularly useful when you are trail running or even hiking. While it is inevitable that you will need to wash those pants at some point, because of sweat and odor build-up that is usually associated with that, the dirt and mud that you kick up during activities like this would usually stain on items of clothing that are made from some of our other fabrics.
However, with Wordans waterproof pants and shorts the dirt and mud will just slide right off most of the time. Even if the dirt does stick, washing that dirt off will also be extraordinarily easy. It will usually just be a case of wiping it off with the assistance of a little water.
Our waterproof pants and shorts are also great for the workplace because they are usually resistant to things like oil and grime that could stick to any other fabrics and be exceedingly difficult to get off.

Wordans Wholesale Waterproof Pants Protect You From The Rain

While waterproof shorts aren’t going to be much good in these circumstances, because your legs and feet will still get wet, our waterproof pants will be ideal for when you need to do something in a wet and cold environment. In some parts of the world the rain just never really lets up, but our waterproof pants will make it possible for you to train, go to the gym, socialize, and keep in shape despite the adverse weather.

Waterproof Pants and Shorts to Protect you From The Sun

While you are likely to be primarily concerned with protecting yourself and your skin from the sun, our actual clothes are also protected from UV when they are waterproof. This means that your clothes will take a lot longer to start discoloring.
People take for granted just how much damage the actual sun can do to the color of your clothes, but at Wordans we have you covered. This is particularly useful because most of our waterproof pants and shorts come in black, which is a color that you never want to see fading over time.

They Protect You From Your Own Sweat

This is a shoutout to all the tennis and squash players out there, who compete in a sport where you sweat profusely, and where the sheer volume of this sweat can have an impact on your performance.
Our waterproof pants are made predominantly from polyester blends, which means that they will have strong moisture-wicking capabilities, and most of the sweat on your clothes will actually evaporate.
That reduces your prospects of slipping on your own sweat on the court after all that sweat drips from your shorts (or pants) onto the playing surface, where you could be chasing down a ball only to slip at the final moment.