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Headwear wholesale and retail

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Headwear wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

When selling garments, your list of items on sale cannot be complete without headwear, and this is where Wordans come in handy. Wordans denotes a B2B company that provides retailers with wholesale garments. Their products are sourced from multiple brands and are available in different styles for children and adults, making it the ideal place to purchase bulk headwear.

Cheap Headwear Available at Wordans

At Wordans, we guarantee a wide array of headwear styles and designs for the entire family. Below are the common types.


Wordans provides caps in various designs, sizes, and colors to suit clients' diverse needs. We also have adjustable caps, which are popular for allowing wearers to customize their size for the best fit.

Flat Bills

Flat bill hats were quite popular in the 1990s but lost their popularity in the early 2000s. Like many other fashion trends, however, the flat bill regained popularity. At Wordans, these hats are versatile, and come in different designs. At Wordans, we provide flat bill hats in different sizes and from some of the best brands like Yupoong.


These are baseball-style caps with a cotton front panel and bill. Their rear usually features nylon mesh and can come in a single color or multiple tones. They also come with adjustable sizes to accommodate different head sizes and hairstyles. Mesh caps are also a beloved option by companies, teams, clubs, and leagues, as they are usually easy to custom print.


A snapback hat is one size fits all hats. It features a flat brim with a plastic snap at the back. It comes in different designs and fabrics. The best design is mesh because it is breathable and suitable for hot weather.

Twill Hats

These are made from versatile and strong twill materials. These hats come in various sizes but are characterized by their diagonal lines created by the offset in the warp threads. Twill hats are popular because they hide stains well.


Apart from the various hat styles, the platform also offers women, children, and men various head accessories, including headbands, scarfs, scrunchies, and rochet bucket hats. Sporty head accessories are also available.

What to Expect From Wordans

Other than the various styles, below are some other qualities you can expect from ourproducts.

Competitive Prices

One of the best things about purchasing headwear at Wordans is its favorable pricing. Generally, Wordans prices range between $5 to $20. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap headwear options, this is the place to go. These prices go even lower thanks to their frequent promos and discounts. We also provide cheaper discounts when buying bulk headwear.

Collaboration with Brands

Wordans features wholesale headwear from reputable brands like Champion, Flexfit, Puma Golf, and Yupoong. The Wordans' website allows you to search for items by brand, making it easy to search for wholesale headwear from your favorite brands.

Colors and Designs

By sourcing their products from different brands, you are guaranteed to provide your customers with a myriad of design and color options. You will also get multiple colors and tone combinations.


The platform also offers bulk headwear in various fabrics. These include; polyester, acrylic, cotton, and brushed cotton. These materials are chosen depending on their durability, aesthetic appeal, and popularity among clients.


Wordans also guarantees high quality in all its products. We understand the market and the needs of clients. Therefore, we produce products that clients will love and review positively. For this reason, Wordans boasts numerous positive reviews on trusted platforms.

It is worth mentioning that some products at Wordans are blank apparel. Therefore, making them ideal for customers who want to brand and print them to fit your business, clientele, and purpose. You can also purchase the products for special events as part of your branding goals. We understand the importance of coordination for work or pleasure, hence our range of products.