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at Wordans Canada

Welcome to Wordans, a wholesale in blank apparel & accessories. As you can see on our website, we are delivering to multiple countries around the world. Therefore, we offer our website in multiple languages. Are you looking for blank apparel in Canada? We would love to welcome you to our website. Check out our big variety of blank clothing pieces.

We have many products to offer, such as long sleeves, pants & shorts, polo's, t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, bags, and accessories. Understandably, it is difficult to make choices. Have you just started your own business and would like to sell clothing yourself? If so, a large selection of different kinds of clothing can be overwhelming. Have you not yet decided whether you would rather sell hoodies or sweatpants or do you tend to t-shirts where you can promote your brand even more easily? Therefore, we have added an extensive filter so you can make the choice that suits you best.

Easily relabel your custom t-shirt with your own branding

We are wholesale in high-quality blank apparel & accessories. Because our products come blank, you can print them.

We are a wholesale selling high-quality blank apparel & accessories. This makes it possible to print the clothes you want. Do you have a party with friends, a family day, or a class outing? You can create matching clothing sets for you and your friends. Some items can be printed directly through Wordans. You must then filter by customizable, then click on a product of your liking, and under the product photo you will see the ´´customize it!´´ button.

Customizing is very easy. You can choose a logo, a self-designed drawing, a text, or a name. In addition, it is possible to print the front, the back, or both. Regarding the text, you can completely customize the font, color, and font size. These items are also good for your own retail trade, as some items have tear-away labels. Also, did you know that our blank apparel & accessories get cheaper when you buy it in bulk? Since we are a wholesaler, we can also bring our products to the market more cheaply. This gives you the chance to make more profit from your retail business.

Don't hesitate any longer and choose cheap blank apparel & accessories at our wholesale.

Cheap wholesale blank apparel & accessories for everyone

For men, for women, for children and babies, from small sizes to large sizes, unisex, you have come to the right place for the right fit. We have sizes available from XXS to 6XL because we try to have something for everyone. In addition, many of our sweatpants are elastic at the top and at the bottom.

Our items are suitable for sports, for example with sweatpants and a tank top, do you want to look decent, choose a polo or workwear, or do you prefer to go to school casually with a long sleeve? You can complete the look with a bag from Champion or North End, for example, or a watch. You can choose from different colors and you have the option to filter on this. For example, if you have found a model that you like, you can choose a color, such as red, purple, black, or white. In addition, you can filter on many more details. You can check what type of blank apparel you want, your preference for a brand, and what material. Think of polyester, cotton, nylon, and poly fleece.

At our wholesale in blank apparel & accessories, you can purchase many types of products in bulk, for your own business. Of course, you can also purchase it for yourself. From sportswear to casual outfits and chill outfits to polo shirts and bags. At Wordans you can find different styles of clothing items. Think of many colors, sizes, and brands. Do not hesitate any longer!