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Champion Sportswear Available Wholesale at Wordans

Wordans is happy to offer a full line of blank apparel from the venerable Champion brand.
Champion was launched in 1919 as “The Knickerbocker Knitting Company”, with their focus on making extremely durable sweatshirts for university sports teams. Their early association with the University of Michigan Wolverines led to the name change that brought “Champion” and its easily recognizable “C” logo to the sportswear game. By the 1930s, Champion’s sweatshirts were gaining wide recognition for their warmth and toughness.
Throughout the next 65 years, Champion expanded its offerings to include much of what we have here at Wordans, gear that has appeared on the backs of top high school, college, and professional teams across the globe. By the 1990s, Champion was not only producing gear for NFL teams and the 1992 US Olympic Basketball Team, but they were also the exclusive maker of NBA uniforms… and had branched into retail.
After a brief period where they focused on their retail efforts, Champion went back to serving international professional sports in 2008, when they formed contracts to provide gear to the Wales National Football program, the Greek National Basketball team, and Premier League teams, among others. After giving way to some competitors in the early 2000s, Champion is back in a big way… and you can buy that pro-style sportswear here at Wordans.

Products for Men, Women, and Children in a Range of Colors

Champion’s “hard-use” history means that, when you make a selection from our Champion blank apparel offerings, you’ll be getting a fully customizable piece of history for your organization. We have a wide range of wholesale and bulk products available for men, women, or children in a range of colors that can match your organization’s branding. The wide unisex size range means that you can find something to fit everyone and, whether you need high-tech “performance” fabrics for a sports team, or 100% cotton fleece sweats for a corporate event, we can help find an appropriate option for you.

Champion Makes T-Shirts with a Conscience

Champion’s campaign to focus on “People, Planet, and Products”, means that, when you purchase cheap, bulk products for your organization, you’ll be supporting sustainability and innovation. They’ve been at the forefront of those efforts, globally. They use 17 million pounds of recycled polyester a year in their products and 61% of their cotton is from sustainable growers across the globe. They also are well aware of the good that can be done with a little bit of effort. It's not just those big pro contracts that matter to the brand… It's also about their association with the Special Olympics program and camps for at-risk kids. That means that, when you select a product from our list of Champion’s products, you’ll be getting a t-shirt, hat, shorts, or a hooded sweatshirt from a brand that cares about your organization and its place in the world.

It's Easy to Order Cheap Champion Products with Wordans

Whatever the needs of your organization and whatever your focus - clothing print shop, embroiderer, sports team, or a consumer looking for spirit wear for an event, we have Champion gear that can meet your needs. Our selection of bulk sweatshirts, blank t-shirts, polos, shirts, jackets and outerwear, fleece, hats, and other assorted accessories is available at low prices with a multitude of customizable options. Our Champion products have a range of weights and cuts to satisfy the most specific needs and our wholesale pricing helps you put professional quality gear from Champion on the backs of your customers and associates. Take a look at our offerings and contact us, today, for your opportunity to gear your organization up just like the pros!