Warehouses located all across the globe, quality guaranteed

At Wordans we only have one objective: satisfy your needs wherever you are with our warehouses located across the planet. With such a presence, we can guarantee you a high quality service for your order and shipped directly to your door with express shipping.

Trendy items


By going on our create your own part of the website, you can choose from our vast array of renowned brands and know-how in terms of design touch-ups and screen printing.

Trust us by sending us your custom t-shirts order representing your business’s colors in order to dress your sales reps for your next convention. You can also benefit from our expertise to match your organization’s looks by dressing up your team in elegant clothing: dress shirts and pants for men, dresses and dress shirts for women.

For personal use, we propose you treat your friends or family members with an original gift. Between humorous messages and bright designs, animal totem or interesting characters, all possibilities are possible to be printed on bags, aprons, hats, t-shirts, etc.


A global presence

And to make sure that we can deliver those items in the best possible shipping delays using express shipping, we have many warehouses located across the globe. Perfectly located, they give us the possibility to prepare, package and ship your package so that you receive it and enjoy it as soon as possible. That’s a quality promise that we are more than happy to hold toward you.

With us, the long weeks awaiting your products and wondering if the package was lost are over. You will receive it in 48 hours if you are in a hurry and in 10 days if you opt for standard shipping.

Come discover the products and the create your own application for your designs that we propose.

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Brands for every tastes

You are looking for clothing, but you do not wish to stick to one brand only. You do not wish to closet yourself in one single fashion and would like to discover different options complete enough so that the entire family can find its happiness. By looking at a great variety of brands at Wordans you will multiply your chances of happiness.

A style for each family member

Your daughter and son obviously don’t have the same tastes. If one will like a hoodie, bermuda shorts, running shoes or a hat, your daughter will most likely blame you for lack of feminity in her outfit. Even if maybe the shoes might please her at age depending on the tone of colors adapted to her tastes, a skirt or a dress might be more appropriate. Mister and Miss might prefer to express their personality through a sportswear outfit for one or leggings for the other. Any of our brands will find a way to satisfy those tastes.


Brands and customization for all

From Fruit of the Loom to Gildan, from Bella and Canvas to American Apparel or Jerzees, Wordans’ propositions stays in the casual to the sportswear, but can be easily matched to an evening outfit. Each brand brings its own look for a wide variety of choices. Pants or shirt pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts, dress shirts or polo shirts, dresses or skirts, the choices are numerous for everyone’s tastes. You also have the opportunity to add accessories like bags. Finally, everyone will be able to express his or her character with a custom message or design on his or her clothes thanks to our online offer.

Come choose the attire that you like most among our wide variety of brands.

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Become a Wordans reseller and ease your end of months

You are looking for an extra revenue so that your end of months are not as tight? Or you have a personal project, a trip to plan or material that needs to be bought, which you would like to achieve without asking the bank? What if you would become one of our many partners or resellers? You could quickly and substantially grow your bank account and multiply the possibilities. Read what follows and discover more on the many possibilities that can charm you.

Become a Wordans reseller

Become a Wordans reseller

Exploit your creative side with your online store

You can create your own brand online, many others have done so already and with success. Then why not you? A humorous page, promoting your region, your city from a personal point of view and here you go! You only have to create your online store and commercialize that design that you created on our products. We will be in total charge of production, customer service and shipping. You don’t even run the risk of not being paid. Great sales volume is sure to follow great ideas. That’s all you have to do: find an idea that will sell, we will then make sure that you cash in the benefits.


Become a Wordans representative

You can also become a Wordans representative and become responsible for the promotion of our products towards your friends, whether they be real or virtual. If you know people that can be interested, associations or even businesses you will quickly become a true partner. On each sales that were done thanks to you, you will receive a 10% commission. You have to admit that, depending on the size of the orders, if you play the game well and seriously, the cheque that you will cash in at the end of the month can start to look really good. It all depends on you. You have all the necessary cards in your hands in order to make money by becoming a reseller.

You will find more information on the many possibilities that Wordans has to offer on our website.

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Wordans offers to help you designing

Because at Wordans we believe that customer satisfaction does not stop at clear invoice, we intend to go way beyond that. That is the reason why, when you wish to create your own custom design on the products that we have to offer, we help you through the process. This help consists, at first, by fruitful advice that, if they don’t suffice, will lead to graphic retouching or even fixing meetings in order to make your project perfect.

Advice for great designs

In order to have a high quality image printed on your apron or your hat you need to have the file saved in the right format and the good dimensions. Regarding the format, you would ideally have a PNG file with a transparent background. The GIF and JPEG files are also usable, as long as they are saved in high resolution, which means between 150 and 300 ppi and have a minimum of 1.000 by 1.000 pixels. Below that threshold, your image might be pixelated.

Improving your images

Wordans goes beyond a couple of advises in order to produce high quality images. Thus, every single images that are submitted at Wordans are verified automatically. In the event where the files would show undesirable sections, extra pixels or unwanted backgrounds, the Wordans designers team will make sure to fix everything. This task is completely free of charges because we cannot stand customer dissatisfaction. In the case where the image is considered unusable, we will directly contact the customer in order to find an alternative solution.

You will find those advises and learn much more about our services. See you soon on Wordans!

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Wordans delivers the best products, wherever you may be located.

One of many advantages of doing business at Wordans is that you can order your custom outfit for yourself, your family or your business and have it shipped to any city, region or country in the world.

An international presence

Wordans is established in many continents in order to propose an optimized territorial network. Benefiting of well-planned pick up locations, you have great chances of being delivered quickly wherever you are located. This presence can be seen in English speaking countries as well as latin and French speaking countries as well. Thus, from Holland to Spain, form Australia to New Zealand, from Canada to Brazil and passing by the United States of America, the garments will be at your reach without any problems. And to make this operation even easier for you, the websites are translated in various languages.


A large choice

According to your geographical location, we adapt to trends in order to offer you the latest lines of products ranging from clothing to accessories from high end brands. With such a selection, anyone will find items to satisfy his or her needs from the perfect gift to the ideal promotional product since these items are also customizable online directly. And, to make things even better, our prices are extremely competitive.

When it comes to delivery Wordans wishes you the best and only the best. You will have the opportunity to choose from various shipping methods that will make sure to make your deadlines. Between standard shipping, exress shipping and super express shipping you will be sure to find your adapted method. From 2 business days for the fastest delivery option to 10 business days in standard, you know your articles are always sent quickly.

Do not miss out any opportunities from Wordans, wherever you might be on the planet.

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The Gildan 5000, our reference product!

In our willingness to always offer you high quality products, we have selected for you the Gildan 5000. This garment, comfortable and customizable, brings an answer to many needs for individuals as well as for businesses.

Gildan 5000

Gildan 5000

The Gildan t-shirt adapts to you

Whether it be for men or women, this model available in all sizes, from small to triple XL, will know how to perfectly blend the shapes of its happy owner. Made with superior cotton, its softness and resistance will satisfy the requirements of all. In fact, its conception comprising a solid topstitching at the collar, a double cross-stitch at the sleeves and the waist, and the added double stitch seam in areas most tested gives this t-shirt a long lasting life. Made in preshrunk cotton, you will not have to worry about the first wash.

It is up to you to choose your favorite color between the vast choice of 51 different possibilities and find the one that suits your tan, your preference or your wardrobe, even to the message you would like to have printed.


Up to your state of mind

It’s the weekend, you feel light and like to benefit from those relaxing family moments. Done with the dress shirt or the suit from the previous work week, the Gildan t shirt is a state of mind. Wearing it is taking advantage of its extreme comfort et linking it, immediately, to this feeling of well-being.

You can also wear it to celebrate a certain date, a birthday, or business open houses.

Our create your own tool, easy to use and displaying may possibilities, is waiting for you to compose your own message.

A little tour of Wordans will let you discover this flagship product.

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Our organic products for every tastes

With Wordans, you will not only find great deals to dress up your family, you will not only be content by placing an image or a message on custom t-shirts, you will also make a great effort toward a greener world by choosing organic products.

Our organic products for every tastes

Our organic products for every tastes

Environmentally friendly

Taking action for the environment should be an everyday preoccupation. Our planet is endangered,  and between pollution and climate change she is in a state of suffering. Wordans wishes to help by offering organic products. We choose our suppliers based on the ones that offer eco-friendly products, those that are determined to keep our planet.

Whether it be for your sweatshirts, tracksuits, t shirts, jackets or any other type of outfit that we have, you can be sure that a wide selection of items at affordable prices has been made for you.


Custom messages

The printing process used at Wordans is also eco-friendly. We are very careful not to spill any waste inks into water sources not to damage the planet. The concept of screen printing is made so ever details is safe for your custom t-shirts, with your message or the image that you have chosen be printed up to the very smallest details without harming the planet. The machines used, the inks used have been studied carefully and the wastes are being taken care of with precaution.

If you have any worries, don’t hesitate to to contact us and ask for more information. We care for the planet as much as you do.

You can then, with peace of mind, go on Wordans and choose your clothing and customize them without feeling bad.

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Our colorful or organic tote bags!

Bags accompany us in most of our everyday life activities. They know how to be useful and practical. They also know hoe to be nice and comfortable. They can also pinpoint our personality thinking that, for school, one might prefer a bag with wheels or a backpack and, for a trip, we might hesitate between a travel bag or the same backpack. World traveler or classical type, everyone will find its own character.

Our colorful or organic tote bags!

Our colorful or organic tote bags!

A respectful bag

Whether it be a backpack, a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, whether you use it for sport, shopping or traveling, a bag can be the answer to many uses. Bringing a meal or shoes, going to work with your computer or at the beach you have many possibilities to choose from a cloth bag or a recycled polyester bag, always respectful to the environment.

With such products, adults and teenagers, families and businesses will find references adapted to their needs. Whether for personal use or for a gift, those bags are as practical as trendy.


A trendy bag

And for those who wishes to go for trendy bags, Wordans proposes items from renowned brands like Nike and Oakley. Their range of colors vary from bright to more subtle colors, giving them a unique style.

It is also possible to customize your bag and make them unique. Indeed, the website proposes to add a slogan or a design and have it printed on a custom grocery bag. A nice to display your message or to show your humor.

Discover our multiple choices of bags and don’t hesitate to make your choice!

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Fall is around the corner, go for the customizable jacket!

With back to school, it means the end of the summer for the entire family. The outfit consisting of a t-shirt, short pants and flip flops is over. It’s now time to consider wearing back pants and jackets. And if you must cover yourself, why not wear a custom jacket?

The customizable jacket

The customizable jacket

A vast range of models

Outfit for rainy days, outfit for colder days, outfit for windy days, everyone can benefit for the clothing that will match the situation. A light jacket or fleece jacket for the cool evenings of fall, the windbreaker for November’s gusts of wind, the snow jacket or the parka for winter months, men, women and children can be dressed cozy and warm.

By trusting Wordans’ catalog, and brands like Oakley, Nike and e.c.o. Collection, the cold and the rain will not bother you anymore.

You will find sporty styles that you can wear daily, clothing for regular everyday sport and even outfits to go to work.


The customization possibility

And, among these items, why not select a zip jacket to customize. The sport type will see it interesting to display the colors of the team in which he or she evolves, while the supporter will proudly show off his favorite team’s colors. Businesses can also exploit the customization in order to promote their logos or their latest products. Thus, whether it be families, associations or professionals, everyone can image their own custom jacket especially printed for them by Wordans. The website displays a create your own tool that is really simple, showing off the created product and also offering a range of designs to choose from in our database or a platform that lets you download your own files.


A simple visit at Wordans will let you discover the seriousness and the quality of the proposed garments, but also let you test your own design.


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Children clothing for every occasions

Children also have the right to have their own custom clothing. They will be more than happy to portray their favorite animal, their favorite drawing, their favorite anime character on their shirts. Make them happy, and the smile they will give you back will be a great reward.

Dressed from head to toe

You will be able to dress your children entirely, form the youngest to the oldest. From baby onesies with brands like Rabbit Skins, up to teenagers brands like American Apparel, your precious blonde heads will find clothing for the every single day.

Boys or girls, they will be dressed for everyday life or for sport with outfits especially chosen like jerseys, short pants, or tracksuits among our wide variety of selections.

Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Bella + Canvas and many more, a range adapted to their tastes, colored or sober, they will certainly create needs for them.


Customization to please them

Every occasion is good to please children. Imagine you propose a printed t-shirt for every attendants for your teen’s birthday party, success is guaranteed! But they can also like a custom sweatshirt according to their needs to go to school or to wear over the weekend.

Sportclubs will also find in these customizable items tracksuits that they can personalize to unify their teams. Baseball hats will be effective in organizing outings once marked with the slogan of an association or a family, a nice way to easily spot each children’s head in the group.


Come by Wordans and discover a vast range of choices for children clothing to please your cherished brown or blonde heads. A way to fill their wardrobe at  a minimum cost.


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