Wordans’ Corporate New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

2023 is almost here! If you are excited about the new year as we are here at Wordans, you’ll already be thinking about plans and goals for the next 12 months. Our previous post regarding fashion-related resolutions has you covered on a personal level, but what about your business? While making promises to yourself is easy as you only have one person to worry about (and answer to, when you don’t fulfill them), making new year’s resolutions for your company can be slightly more challenging. 

With many people to consider, it can be difficult to create resolutions that everyone will agree to and make the effort to fulfill, which is why Wordans is here to help! Our corporate resolutions are fairly simple, but if kept, can make a difference to your company, staff, and maybe even the world. 

Keep Moving Forward

“Standing still is the fastest way of moving forward in a rapidly changing world”. No, this quote isn’t from Warren Buffett or some other multi-billionaire CEO, but the legendary late actress Lauren Becall. However, this quote couldn’t be more fitting for any modern business owner with how much technology is changing the ways we live, interact and do business. 

Thanks to continued advancements in technology, transport, and communication, there is no reason to limit your business to just one niche, even if it has been successful for you. Complacency is the quickest way to fall behind your competition, so make sure your company is constantly growing, improving and evolving. You can do this by finding extra areas within your specialty where your business can make a positive impact. E.g. If you’ve created a successful t-shirt company, why not look into the possibility of selling hoodies and other apparel in 2023? While there are thousands of cautionary tales that warn against biting off more than you can chew, expansion when managed correctly, is a great way to keep your staff energized and on their toes, boost profits, and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Be More Eco-Friendly

By now, we’re all aware of the damage being done to the planet by humans and the threat it poses to the future of the world. So, it’s time for action. While the actions of an individual are unlikely to make much of a difference, collectively we can at the very least slow climate change down and preserve the earth for future generations. Here are some ways your company can help the planet.

  • Encourage walking, cycling, and carpooling to work – The benefits of walking are endless for both your body and the planet. Sitting in the car on the way to work, then sitting at a desk all day is terrible for your physical health, so why not walk once or twice a week for the sake of the planet? If you can’t do it for the world then at least do it for your body, just half an hour of walking a day is proven to significantly improve your health. If a lot of your staff live too far to walk then you could even draw up a carpool plan.
  • Use personalized mugs and bottles for drinks – This is an easy but effective action point that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Many companies use paper cups for coffee and plastic ones for water. These kinds of single-use items cause immeasurable damage to the planet, so we recommend getting personalized reusable mugs and bottles for your staff. They will not only love the personal touch of having their own items with their names on them, they will also be helping the planet. Just make sure they wash them up when they’re done!
  • Encourage recycling – By simply installing separate containers for different types of waste; plastic, paper, cardboard, etc, you can help your employees make a big difference. A 2020 study from recyclingpartnership.org showed that 7 out of 10 Americans would go out of their way to support a company that makes strong efforts to be sustainable. 

Take part in charity initiatives

Just like taking care of the planet, looking after those less fortunate than us is a question of everyone doing a little bit to make a collective difference. Whatever your business, there are sure to be small things that you can do to help others. For example, if you run a food business you could set up an initiative to give unused food to the homeless rather than throw it away. Or if you have a clothing company, why not donate some unsold stock to a charitable cause? There are so many ways to help, so there is no excuse not to at least try.

Inspired by these resolution ideas? If so, make sure you fulfill them with Wordans. We offer incredible discounts, particularly on bulk and wholesale orders. You can also find more inspiration on our Instagram page @wearewordans




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