Digital marketing tips: Social Media Strategy for your brand

In today’s Wordans blog we are going to talk about Social Media Strategy and its importance in  the highly competitive and saturated market we are in nowadays. Social media can be overwhelming at first because of the constant changes and new features that forces all brands to keep up to date. But having a strategy is key for clearing the path and making plans that will help to lead your business to success. 

What is a Social Media Strategy? And why is it important? 

A social media strategy is a plan created for all the actions that are going to take place on the social media channels of the brand. It helps to keep everything and everyone aligned on what should and shouldn’t be done on those platforms.

Whether you are a small brand or a large business, your social media strategy is the key to plan what will make your business successful. 

Key aspects of a Social Media Strategy.

Every strategy is going to be different depending on the brand, but there are some key aspects that every brand should always keep in mind.

This includes: 

  • Goals / objectives: They should be relevant and realistic to the brand.
  • Target audience: Identify your buyer personas (their demographics, age range, gender, occupation, incomes, interests, etc.) 
  • Determine the brand’s voice: How are you going to approach your audience? How do you want them to see your brand? What values do you want them to know about you? 
  • Choose the right platforms: With so many networks available nowadays you should focus on the ones where most of your target audience is active. 
  • Choose type of content: You should create suitable content based on your target audience and on what they want to see or engage with in social media. 
  • Benchmark: Study what your competitors are doing and search for trends and topics your audience may be interested in. 
  • Determine your KPIs and measure your results: This is key to knowing what is working and what isn’t, to be able to keep improving and growing. 
  • Be consistent: All your activity on social media should be aligned with your brand’s image and politics. 



A Social Media Strategy will not only help you set your goals, guidelines and track your progress, it will also help you to adjust your efforts and experiment with other formulas when you are not obtaining the expected results. It’s important to know that social media is all about testing and evaluating which are the things that your target audience better responds to and what gives you the best results. 

This is a brief summary of the Social Media Strategy which applied in the long term will help your business to attract new relevant followers, drive traffic, leads and revenue. In further posts we will describe how to develop other types of strategies. Stay tuned!



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