Which fabric to choose for T-shirts: cotton, polyester, or blends?

Decided to launch your line of customized and/or personalized T-shirts? The first step is to choose the ideal composition for your designs, depending on your target clientele and the use of the garments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cotton garments, polyester garments or fabric blends? Wordans guides you: 


The cotton T-shirt: quality

Cotton T-shirts and other clothing are made from natural fiber, which makes them much more durable. Cotton garments are more resistant to movement and have a longer durability than synthetic garments. Fabrics knitted or woven from cotton fiber are very comfortable to wear, and much more breathable than other materials. Consumers appreciate it for its soft and pleasant feel. When it comes to garment customisation, cotton has the advantage of being highly printable, with a clean line, ideal for opaque designs. In addition, you can choose organic cotton fabrics to appeal to a specific segment of customers who are sensitive to environmental characteristics. 

We have selected for you this short-sleeved T-shirt from Gildan, a magnificent model made from 100% cotton fabric and available in about fifty different colors!




The polyester T-shirt: simplicity

T-shirts made of polyester are made of a synthetic material, whose main advantage is its low cost. Polyester garments are therefore cheaper to manufacture and are very elastic and light to wear. This low-profile fabric, which dries quickly, is particularly popular for the design of sportswear that is moisture resistant and breathable. Although synthetic fabrics are not as good as cotton, there are recycled synthetics that will allow you to appeal to a more environmentally conscious clientele. Polyester fabrics are known for their high resistance to shrinkage, washing, color transfer, fading and permanent staining. The quality of printing has improved considerably: it is now possible to obtain very beautiful prints on synthetics. Polyester is also ideal for personalisation by sublimation. 

Discover for example this T-shirt made by Gildan, a 100% polyester model that is ultra light and pleasant to wear, ideal for accompanying you to any sporting event!



The T-shirt in fabric blends: the balance

Over the years, manufacturers have worked to make fabrics that are more comfortable to wear and easier to customize. Today, it is possible to obtain T-shirts made from synthetic fabrics that combine the resistance and elegance of natural cotton fiber with the convenience and flexibility of synthetic fabrics. There are T-shirts made from a 50%/50% cotton/synthetic blend, or 65%/35% blends, to provide you with different types of lightweight and comfortable fabrics. We particularly like blends of fabrics for their ability to dry quickly (an asset in summer when humidity is high) and their good behavior and durability. 

For example, you can opt for a cotton-polyester blend T-shirt like this one from Jerzees: a hard-wearing and comfortable fabric for a beautiful short-sleeved T-shirt with a round neck available in 10 modern and elegant colors. 




Looking for other fabulous items to customize to create your own summer clothing range? Check out all our collections, item ideas, tips and inspiration on our website, wordans.ca and on our instagram, @wordans_canada.

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